Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Bose Repair Costs

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Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Bose Repair Costs

Bose may be a well-known brand, but that doesn't mean all of its products will be without fault. Whether you accidentally caused a break yourself, or the item in question stopped working, you can get any handled for less money with DoNotPay's guidance.

No matter if you require Bose headphone repair, or need repairs to your entire speaker system, DoNotPay can guide you on the process of getting fast fixes for less. Either attempt to do it through Bose themselves, or we'll help you find a third-party repair service that can tackle the job for a more worthwhile price.

Does Bose Handle Repairs Themselves?

Yes, the company offers on their products. You can make a claim right from their website. You'll need to find the code or serial number to do so, which can be found:

  1. On the original packaging
  2. Sometimes on the product itself
  3. Within the Bose app for particular items

If it is difficult to read the label, you can upload a photo so they can find your item by image instead.

Does Bose Offer Refunds?

Bose does not tend to offer refunds for products you've had for a while. Instead, they prefer for you to send the item in question back to them and issue you a replacement. If you have a warranty, you may be able to get the item free of charge.

You can contact Bose by chat or phone, however, to ask for a refund if that is what you would prefer. Their number is 1-800-379-2073.

Refunds are possible on brand new items you ordered online and want to return. You will need to start the return process within the trial period date that was indicated at the time of purchase. You must have your original receipt to do so.

What Is the Cost for a Bose Repair?

The cost for repair on Bose products varies significantly. Depending on whether it's a pair of headphones or an entire sound system, the cost could be drastically different. A repair for a SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker is $80.

All eligible products come with an automatic one-year warranty. To add an extended warranty, you can purchase either a basic three-year protection plan or a three-year protection plan with accident protection included. The costs are as follows:

Basic 3-Year Protection$39.95
3-Year Protection With Accident Protection$59.95

These plans are intended for products totaling between $200 and $299. If you pay for the plan, your repair cost will be free.

Process for Requesting Bose Repairs

Visit the support section of the Bose website and indicate that you need a repair or replacement. Once you've entered your item's serial number or found it by image, you will need to answer what the type of issue is that you're having. With headphones, for example, you may need to select:

  • Software troubles
  • Problems with audio
  • A safety concern
  • Trouble turning off
  • Some time of damage
  • Issues with the display
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Choose your answer and then make any additional selections they need, such as whether your headphone's audio concerns are due to

  1. An inability to cancel noise
  2. A problem with voice prompts
  3. Poor microphone responsiveness
  4. No sound at all

You can then write in detail the problem you've experienced and click "submit."

If your product is already out of warranty, you may be offered a replacement. You will need to return the original item in exchange for this new one. It can take as long as four weeks before the entire process is completed.

There is still a cost to pay for the replacement item if you did not have a warranty or the warranty ran out. It may be a lesser price than purchasing it new, though. You'll need to complete:

  • Your item selection
  • Your contact/shipping information
  • Your payment details

After reviewing your information, you can then submit the claim.

Where to Find More Affordable Repair Solutions for Your Bose Equipment

You can look to repair technicians in the area who work with Bose products. You'll find options like My Bose Repair and Best Buy on the list. You may also be able to get help at other gaming and electronics stores. Many will charge a base price to start. Others may require you to pay a diagnostic cost, even if they cannot fix the item.

Your best bet is to receive quotes from several services and discover which will be a lesser charge with a quick turnaround.

Find Low-Cost Solutions for Bose Repairs With DoNotPay's Help

Plenty of low-cost solutions are available for any Bose repair you need. DoNotPay takes minutes to find you repair quotes in your area. We just need some information from you first so we can get started.

  1. Search for Quote My Repair on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the details of the repair you need.

  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged.

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