Secrets That'll Save You Money on Louis Vuitton Repair Costs

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Secrets That'll Save You Money on Louis Vuitton Repair Costs

A designer handbag is often a favorite part of your wardrobe. A Louis Vuitton handbag is a large expense that you want to take good care of, so finding the right professional to handle your Louis Vuitton repair is essential. Both Louis Vuitton stores and outside repair shops can fix your bag or other items, but they each have their own pros and cons. The official process can be expensive and time-consuming, but other services don't always have the expertise required to make your repaired bag look perfect.

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How to Get Your Louis Vuitton Bag Repaired

When a designer item needs repairs, the best place to start is usually the brand itself. If you need to repair a worn part of your bag, there are two ways to contact to schedule repairs.

To request an online repair:

  1. Download the LV app.
  2. Book an appointment with a Care Expert. Schedule a phone call or video call, or send an email.
  3. Consult with the Care Expert about the repairs your item needs.
  4. You'll receive a free shipping label to send your item in for repairs.
  5. Track your item's repair process through the app.

To request a repair in person:

  1. Visit a Louis Vuitton boutique.
  2. Discuss your issue with the care team.
  3. Send in your bag for repairs.

Depending on what needs to be repaired, getting your bag back can take several months. This is because Louis Vuitton takes its time to make sure that repairs are done properly. Some items need to be sent to France to be repaired, which adds to the time required.

How Much Do Louis Vuitton Repairs Cost?

Repair costs will vary depending on the specific bag and the problem that needs to be fixed. This is a rough estimate of the prices you can expect for common handbag repairs:

Replace zipper pull:Free
Replace zipper:$180
Replace handle:$150 per handle
Replace small strap:$150 per strap
Replace large strap:$250 per strap
Replace lining:$350
Replace hardware:$50
Repair piping:$250

Can You Have Your Louis Vuitton Item Repaired by a Third Party?

With the expense and time involved in repairing bags directly through Louis Vuitton, many handbag lovers are naturally interested in alternatives for getting their favorite bags fixed. These are some options:

Modern Leather Goods

This company has been offering leather cleaning and handbag repair services since 1944. Modern Leather Goods has a Manhattan shop as well as a mail-in repair service. The stop specializes in luxury repairs, including Louis Vuitton, and has access to authentic parts.

The Cobblers

This mail-in shoe and handbag repair shop handles all types of luxury repair services and has lots of experience with Louis Vuitton items. In addition to repairs, the shop offers leather cleaning and protective services like waterproofing and adding metal feet to the bottom of your bag.

Your local cobbler

If you choose a local shop, make sure they have experience with luxury bags. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be the case. Independent local businesses can provide good service at a reasonable price, but they may not have the expertise or access to materials required to work on designer items.

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