Contact and Visit Inmates at Stateville Correctional Center Easily

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How to Contact an Inmate at Stateville Correctional Center Quickly

The , opened in 1925, is located in Joliet, Illinois. The facility can hold up to 4,053 adult male offenders and over 300 employees. It sits on an overall area of 2,264 acres of land and is surrounded by 33-foot walls and a number of armed guard towers to make sure that the detainees don't attempt to escape.

The center allows selected inmates to work in the correctional industries making furniture and soap. The inmates are taught vocational skills such as barbering, and they can also earn a GED as well as basic education while incarcerated.

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Stateville Correctional Center Contact Information

Physical Address

16830 So. Broadway St.

Joliet, IL 60434

General Contact Phone Number(815)-727-3607
WebsiteStateville Correctional Center
General Contact Fax(815) 727-5511
General Inmate Mailing AddressInmate Name, ID Number

​Stateville Correctional Center

P.O. Box 112

Joliet, IL 60434

How to Contact Inmates at Stateville Correctional Center

The facility offers diverse ways to help you get in touch with your loved one. They include

1. Sending a Mail

When sending letters through the mail, it's crucial to include the prisoner's name and Illinois DOC number alongside the arrival address on the envelope. This will allow the correctional officers an easier time to determine what is for whom.

2. Phone Calls

Although inmates are not allowed to receive phone calls, they can make outgoing calls using their commissary accounts to pay for them.

3. Visitation

Before visiting an inmate in , you'll need to get on the approved visitor list. Once you're approved, you can plan to visit on a Saturday or Sunday between 8. 00 a.m. and 3. 30 p.m., but you're required to arrive before 2.30 p.m. for the minimum security inmates. For the maximum-security inmates, you can visit any day from 7. 30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., and you're required to arrive by 1 p.m. Once approved, you can visit up to twice per month for close to 3 hours at each visit.

How to Send Money to Stateville Correctional Center Inmates

In , inmates can receive money placed in their commissary account. To deposit money into their accounts, you'll need to know the prisoner's particulars, including their date of birth and Illinois DOC number. You'll also be required to deposit the money online through the facility's website.

How to Send Packages to Stateville Correctional Center Inmates

When it comes to packages, certain types are allowed, including books, newspapers, and magazines, which must come in via an accepted and famous distributor such as Amazon.

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