All About South Woods State Prison and Contacting Inmates

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Reach Out to a Loved One at South Woods State Prison

With 85 acres of land available, inmates have plenty to do and see. The Bridgeton, New Jersey facility was built in 1997 and has grown into a mixed-custody facility that holds more than 3,000 people.

If you need to reach out to a loved one at this location, you can do so on your own or with the help of DoNotPay. Our Connect With an Inmate product helps you locate the ID numbers of those people you need to contact or helps you send letters in a prompt manner.

South Woods Contact Info

Seven different units make up the facility. Three are for medium-security inmates, one for minimum security, another for detention beds, a sixth for Extended Care for inmates with medical concerns, and a palliative care unit for those with chronic diseases or handicaps that require additional care and supervision. Each one is manned by a separate staff, providing hundreds of jobs to the city. Reach out to using the details below.

Physical Address215 S Burlington Rd, Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone Number(856) 459-7000
WebsiteThe Official Website for the New Jersey Department of Corrections

How Can I Connect?

You may write letters to any inmate, including a prison pen pal. You are also able to visit as long as you get approved to do so. Inmates may also call you once your number gets added to their call list.

Sending Letters

In order to send letters, you need to have the inmate's name and ID number listed on the envelope. Address it as such:

Inmate Name and Number

South Woods State Prison

215 South Burlington Rd.

Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302

These letters must only contain traditional pieces of paper or cards. They should not have perfume, oils, lipstick, or anything else included. You are able to include photographs, but they must depict people fully dressed inappropriate attire. No racy photographs will be accepted.


Visitation is typically offered on the weekends. You need to be approved to visit and then must still schedule your visit each time. Hours are either from 8:30 am to 10:30 am or 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, although these are subject to change.

When illness is running rampant in the community or within the prison system, this means of communication may be canceled. Instead, video visits may be arranged. You still need to schedule these and follow the same protocols, i.e.:

  • No wearing see-through, tight, or provocative clothing
  • No clothes depicting violent, cruel, sexual, or drug-involved acts
  • You may not show your cellphone, photos, or hold up any other items.
  • You cannot wear a hat or sunglasses.

Waiting for a Phone Call

Your loved one can add your number to their call list. Once approved, they can then make outgoing calls as long as they have money in their account. Calls are only permitted in 15-minute increments. Although, the inmate may be able to add additional time and talk for another 15 minutes if no one else is currently waiting to use it.

Can I Send Money or Packages?

You are able to send money and packages. There are rules for both, though.

  1. Money - Set up an account with JPay and add money for your loved one to use. You can use your debit or credit card to add funds. You can also download the deposit slip and send cash in the form of a money order. Make the order out to JPay, P.O. Box 170770 Hialeah, FL 33017.
  1. Packages - Packages must be sent through an approved vendor. Access Securepak is one of the most common options for prisons throughout the nation. You can send personal care items, food, and more. It typically takes up to 10 days after your order is placed for it to arrive.

How Does DoNotPay Help Me Connect to Someone at South Woods?

You need to know the ID number of the inmate you're trying to reach South Woods State Prison. If you don't yet have it, let DoNotPay help you discover what it is. Then, we can send a letter to them on your behalf within a short timeframe. You can even set up a communication inbox where virtual mail gets delivered.

  1. Locate the Connect With an Inmate service on DoNotPay.

  2. Choose whether you want to locate a loved one, create a virtual mailbox, or send a personalized letter.

  3. If you want us to find your loved one, provide his or her personal details and the state they are located in. We'll then conduct a search on the appropriate state database.

  4. If you want to create a virtual mailbox, just provide your full name! We'll set one up for you so you can easily receive incoming mail from your loved one.

  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo! Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait 10 days for it to arrive to your loved one!

DoNotPay Helps With So Much More

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