Senator Rob Portman Phone Number and More

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Senator Rob Portman Phone Number + More

Are you searching for Senator Rob Portman’s current active phone number? This article contains a lot more for you, including the Ohio senator’s current addresses to all of his five offices!

You’ll also find the contact addresses of other notable government representatives from Ohio and discover an easier and faster way to contact them all using .

Rob Portman Brief Bio

Robert Jones Portman was born on the 19th of December, 1955 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rob attended Cincinnati Country Day School before securing a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology at Dartmouth College (1978) and a Juris Doctor six years later at the University of Michigan Law School.

His political career began as a White House Counsel member under former US President, George H. W. Bush, before becoming a representative in 1993. Portman also served as U.S Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Portman became a senator in 2010 and is currently serving his second term as a senator for Ohio.

Portman is:

  • Anti-Abortion (Pro-life)
  • Anti-LGBT
  • Pro-Balanced budget
  • Pro-Israel
  • Anti-sex trafficking

Rob is married to Jane Dudley and they have three children.

Senator Rob Portman Contact Information

As a serving senator, Senator Rob Portman has five offices - four in Ohio and one in Washington, D.C. Here are the addresses and contact information of all five offices:

Office AddressPhone Number

312 Walnut Street, Room 3425, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


1240 East 9th Street, Room 3061, Cleveland, OH 44199.


37 West Broad Street, Room 300, Columbus, OH 43215.


420 Madison Avenue, Room 1210, Toledo, OH 43604

5Washington, D.C.

448 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510.


You may also wish to see all the latest activities and engage Senator Portman on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Other Ohio government representatives to contact

Ohioans interested in contacting other government representatives can reach some of the most frequently contacted through their information below:

Government OfficialPosition Occupied
1Governor Mike DeWineOhio’s 70th governor and a member of the Republican party who was elected in 2019.
2Lt. Gov John HustedThe 66th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio and former Ohio Secretary of State.
3Senator Sherrod BrownOhio’s current senior senator, first elected in 2006 and currently serving in the 117th US Congress.
4Frank LaRoseOhio’s 51st Secretary of State under the government of Governor Mike DeWine.
5Joyce BeattyCurrent US Congresswoman serving Ohio’s 3rd district at the 117th US Congress.
6Jim JordanUS Congressman serving Ohio’s 4th district in the 117th US Congress.
7Marcy KapturOhio’s oldest serving congresswoman, first elected in 1981 and currently in charge of the 9th district of Ohio in the 117th US Congress.
8Tim RyanThe current US house representative member serving Ohio’s 13th district at the House of Representatives.

Reasons to Contact Senator Rob Portman

Senators are mostly concerned with federal affairs as it affects the state they represent. Here are some of the popular reasons people reach the office of Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. At the office of the senator:

You canYou cannot
  • Request a standard U.S flag
  • Request a tour visit to the Capitol
  • Request a media interview with the senator
  • Reconcile discrepancies with federal agencies
  • Resolve tax issues
  • Nominate for federal district judges
  • Nominate for US military service academy
  • Seek guidelines to take advantage of federal business opportunities.
  • Report local enterprise issues
  • Request intervention in personal immigration issues
  • Request commutation, extradition, or appeal
  • Demand a pro bono federal attorney
  • Complain about state laws and statutes

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