Senator Markey Contact Information and More

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Senator Markey Contact Information and More!

Each state has two senators. Senator Markey has been the junior senator representing Massachusetts since 2013, and sometimes contributes as a writer for the Huffington Post. Before his term as senator, he served in the House of Representatives and has served in Congress since 1976.

Senator Markey, along with Senator Ocasio-Cortez, worked together on a fourteen-page summary of their Green New Deal. His work on climate change has been very impactful and he has been very vocal in supporting the LGBTQ+ community as well. Markey has been opposed to many of former President Donald Trump’s policies concerning immigration and foreign policy and advocated for his impeachment after the January 6th Insurgency.

What Committees Does Senator Markey Serve On?

Senators each have their own committees, within which they can make the most change and are the most involved. Democratic Senator Edward Markey is involved in the following committees:

  • Commerce, Science, and Transportation
  • Environment and Public Works
  • Foreign Relations
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship

The table below summarizes Senator Markey's political stances:

Gun ControlIn Favor
Police ReformIn Favor
LGBTQ+ MarriageIn Favor
ImmigrationIn Favor
Climate Change ActionIn Favor

Methods of Contact for Senator Ed Markey

The table below goes over Senator Ed Markey's contact information:

Mode of ContactInformation
Send a message
Phone Number (Boston Office)617-565-8519
Phone Number (Springfield Office)(413) 785-4610
Phone Number (Fall River Office)(508) 677-0523
Phone Number (Washington, DC)(202) 224-2742

Mailing Address: Boston975 JFK Federal Building

15 New Sudbury St

Boston, MA 02203

Mailing Address: Springfield1550 Main Street 4th Floor

Springfield, MA 01103

Mailing Address: Fall River222 Milliken Boulevard

Suite 312

Fall River, MA 02721

Mailing Address: Washington, DC255 Dirksen Senate

Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Senator Website
Campaign Website
Intern with Senator Markey

How Should You Contact Senator Ed Markey?

As you can see, Senator Edward Markey has many different ways he can be reached and several office locations. It can be very difficult to know how to reach him, and it may be wise to contact him in as many modes as possible. The sections below will serve as a guide for you to contact Senator Markey yourself.

Choose a mode of communication

When making the decision as to which mode to pick, make sure you reflect on how much time you have, the best medium for your message, and your physical abilities - a message in person or by voice can be more impactful than an email, but can be poor choices if you aren't a great speaker or the call is taken by an uninterested office worker. While social media can be a good way to get an idea of your representative's daily activities, contact by social media will be less effective, as it is often managed by campaign staff and rarely goes directly to the representative.

To find out the best way to contact your specific representative, check out our guide here. Wondering if calling your representative actually works? Check out our guide here before you make your decision.

Locate their contact info

You’ve made a great start by looking into the ways to contact Senator Markey. If you are looking to address an issue that may have many senators involved, make sure to find their contact info on our site: a list of phone numbers for senators can be found here and phone numbers for the House of Representatives can be found here.

Do some prep! As each senator has many constituents, you may only get one chance to have your voice heard and you want to make sure that your message gets across to the senator.

Things to keep in mind when making your argument:

  • Set out clearly the issue
  • Know the action you would like the senator to take
  • Practice explaining why this issue is so important and urgent
  • Remind your representative that they represent you - if you voted for them, let them know!

Nervous? Use our resources! We have a provided script for phone calls, and a guide to writing well structured and professional emails to your representatives.

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