Connect with an Inmate at Saginaw Correctional Facility

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The Stress-free Way to Contact Someone at Saginaw Correctional Facility

in Michigan is intended for males over the age of 18. The facility itself covers 43 acres, though it's built on an area of 142 acres total. It opened in 1993.

If you're looking to connect with an inmate at this location, DoNotPay can help. Whether you need to locate a loved one and get their ID number, or want us to send a letter on your behalf, DoNotPay has you covered.

Saginaw Correctional Facility Contact Details

The facility is under the control of Warden Gary Miniard. It holds Level 1, 2, and 4 inmates, and has a strong barrier surrounding it. A buffer fence, double chain link fences, and razor ribbon wire help keep inmates from escaping. Add the gun towers, patrol vehicles, and electronic detection systems, and you can rest assured the facility is safe and secure.

Physical Address

9625 Pierce Rd.

Freeland, MI 48623

Phone Number(989) 695-9880
General FaxN/A
General EmailsN/A

Am I Allowed to Visit?

You can visit an inmate at Saginaw Correctional. However, one inmate may only have up to 10 visitors on their approved list. Your family member will have to add you to their list, and you will also have to fill out an application before you're approved.

In-person visits are typically offered, but they may be canceled for any reason. If illness is prevalent in the jail or within the community, for example, then video visits will be offered instead. Inmates can only receive so many visits per month, depending on their status.

  1. Level 1 - 4 visits per month
  2. Level 2 - 3 visits per month
  3. Level 4 (and those in general population or protection units) - 2 visits per month
  4. Level 5 and STG - 2 visits per month
  5. Those in Segregation - 1 visit per month

Video visits are only 20 minutes long. You must request your visitation at least 48 hours prior, and only up to 7 days in advance.

When in-person visits are held, each housing unit receives a different day to attend. That tentative schedule is:

  • Housing Unit 200 - Fridays
  • Housing Unit 400 - Sundays and Mondays
  • Housing Unit 500 - Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Housing Unit 600 - Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Housing Unit 700 - Sundays and Mondays
  • Housing Unit 800 - Sundays and Fridays
  • Housing Unit 900 - Sundays and Fridays
  • Housing Unit 1200 - Saturdays

Am I Allowed to Write?

You are able to write letters to an inmate of your choosing. However, that person has limited ability to write back unless they have money in their commissary account to cover the expenses. You must not send anything threatening or violent, and you cannot send inappropriate photos or material.

How to Send a Letter to Saginaw Correctional Facility

You must know the name and ID number of the inmate you're trying to reach. Otherwise, your mail will not be delivered. Address the center of the envelope to the inmate's name, and add their ID number next to or below it.

You should also add the address of Saginaw Correctional. That is 9625 Pierce Rd. Freeland, MI 48623. Make sure you include your contact information in the top left corner, and add a stamp to cover the cost of sending the letter.

Am I Allowed to Send Money?

Family members are encouraged to send money. This puts money into the inmate's account to be used for phone calls, mail, and commissary. Saginaw Correctional used to use JPay, but has since transitioned to GTL Financial Services.

You can add money to this online account, or you can use the kiosk at the prison to do so.

Can I Send Anything Else?

You are able to use approved vendors to send packages to inmates. Brand new books and publications are one option. You must send them from:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble online
  • HamiltonBooks online
  • Schuler Books online
  • Walmart

No used copies may be sent.

You can also send a package worth up to $100 from Access Securepak.

Friend, Family, or Otherwise, DoNotPay Helps You Find an SCF Inmate

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