Sacramento Fishing License Purchasing Guide

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How to Get a Sacramento Fishing License Online

There is some confusion about . Californians aren't sure where to go for fishing licenses or which type of license they need. We're going to straighten all that out right now.

This article explains how to , using the DoNotPay App. It's the easiest and fastest way to get any fishing license online.

We'll also explore three more points:

  1. Other ways you can get a fishing license in "the River City"
  2. Fees for fishing licenses in California
  3. And which waterways are covered with your Sacramento fishing permit

First, let's clear up the muddied waters around Sacramento fishing licenses.

California Fish and Wildlife Bureau (CDFW) Open in Sacramento but Does Not Sell Fishing Licenses

In October 2021, the CDFW relocated to a newly constructed facility on P Street in Sacramento. You cannot purchase a fishing license there.

Anglers must buy their fishing licenses:

  • Online, through an app like DoNotPay
  • In-person, from licensing agents found at bait and tackle stores and sporting goods stores
  • Or through the CDFW website.

DoNotPay is the easiest way to get your Sacramento fishing permits. Let's see how easy it is!

Get Your Sacramento Fishing License Online With DoNotPay

If you want to get your Sacrament fishing license, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search "fishing license" on DoNotPay and select the state you would like a fishing license for.

  2. Indicate whether you are a resident or non-resident, and choose the type of license you want. For example, saltwater vs. freshwater license, three-day only pass, and more.

  3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state.

See how easy that was! You don't need to stand in line at Walmart or a local bait shop. You don't need to share your personal information or credit card number with a creepy bait store employee. Your information is safer and more secure with the DoNotPay App.

Of course, there are other ways to get your Sacramento, CA fishing licenses. Let's check those out.

How to Get a Sacramento Fishing License by Yourself

There are a few ways to get a fishing license in Sacramento. But things have changed a little since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit CDFW Branches in Person (But Not Right Now)

In an ordinary (non-pandemic) year, you can visit these CDFW branches in person to get hunting and fishing licenses. However, at the time of writing, they are all closed to the public. CDFW suggests calling the branch before driving there.

Buy a CA Fishing License Online From CDFW

You can order all hunting and fishing licenses from CDFW online. The process has changed. Now you need to apply for a "Get Outdoors" (GO) ID first. Even if you have had fishing licenses in the past, you must create a GO ID to order them online. Start at the CDFW application page.

And don't forget, you can always buy a Sacramento fishing license from local retailers, beach stores, bait shops and even gas stations. If you like sharing your personal information with them and feel comfortable standing in line for a while. The DoNotPay App is the fastest and easiest way!

Now that we've covered where to buy your fishing licenses, let's talk about which licenses you need to fish near Sacramento.

The CA Fishing License Covers Both Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing at All CA Waterways

You can use the same fishing license to fish the Sacramento River, the Stanislaus River, or the San Joaquin River. It also works at the Pacific coast, Lake Isabella, and the famous Kern River near Bakersfield. You only need one license for both marine and freshwater fishing.

California Fishing License Fees

You can expect to pay the following fees for licenses but there are a few exemptions.

One-day license (residency doesn't matter)$17.02
Two-day permit (residency doesn't matter)$26.49
Annual licenseResident: $52.66 Non-resident: $142.05
10-day fishing license (non-residents only)$52.66
Lifetime fishing permits$600 to $1,000 (subject to change)

Who Can Fish for Free?

  • Anglers under age 16 can always fish for free!
  • You don't need a license to fish on public piers.
  • And there are a few free fishing days throughout the year. You can check for them on the CDFW website.

Reduced fees are available for individuals who are legally blind, disabled veterans, or otherwise handicapped folks. They usually cost about $8.

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