All About the Roederer Correctional Complex

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The Easiest Way to Connect With an Inmate at Roederer Correctional Complex

is located in La Grange, KY. The facility was built in 1978 and houses just over 1,200 male inmates. Roederer Correctional Complex temporarily holds new adult inmates and serves as a classification center. While only 200 inmates are permanently held to perform roles such as laundry and food service, most inmates are transferred throughout the Kentucky Commonwealth after a short time.

DoNotPay can help you keep in contact with an inmate at Roederer Correctional Complex. This blog will help you write to a prisoner and schedule inmate visitation.

How Can I Contact Roederer Correctional Complex?

You can contact or an inmate by phone, mail, or in-person. Jessie Ferguson is the warden of Roederer Correctional Complex with the support of two deputy wardens. Contact Roederer Correctional Complex using the following methods:



Mailing Address

(Include inmate name and ID number for letters to inmates)

Roederer Correctional Complex

P.O. Box 69, LaGrange

Kentucky 40031

Visitation Address4000 Morgan Road

La Grange, KY 40031

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, visitors must be over 18 years of age and schedule an appointment in groups of two or fewer. Email to schedule an appointment or contact Carolyn Grubb at 502-222-0173, extension 375. Visitation hours start at 8:30 AM Saturday and Sunday. Visitors are limited to one hour, with the last visitors permitted inside at 4 PM.

If you're not able to visit your loved one as much as you'd like to, you can be prison pen pals. Learn how to address a letter to an inmate to keep in touch by mail.

Why Is It Difficult to Contact Loved Ones at Roederer Correctional Complex?

  1. Distance

If you are not located in Kentucky, phone calls from your loved one may be subject to long-distance charges. The distance also makes sending mail and packages more expensive. Fortunately, most inmates are transferred out of Roederer after classification, and only 200 inmates permanently remain in the facility.

  1. Transfers

Your loved one may have been at Roederer at some point and transferred out to another prison. It could be disheartening to find your loved one recently transferred to another prison if you spent a good deal of time looking for them.

  1. Lack of Visitation

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Roederer Correctional Complex has limited visitation to one-hour time slots on weekends only.

If you can't meet your loved one in person, writing letters to inmates is one way to show you care without visiting. DoNotPay can help make finding and keeping in contact with your loved one easier.

Steps to Take Before Contacting an Inmate at Roederer Correctional Complex

If you accept calls from an inmate, you accept the long-distance charges that come with the call. Make sure you know where the inmate is located before committing to costly phone calls. DoNotPay can help you locate an inmate anywhere in the nation. Follow these simple steps to find your incarcerated loved one:

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Contact Your Imprisoned Loved One With DoNotPay

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  1. Locate the Connect With an Inmate service on DoNotPay.

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Can DoNotPay Help Me Any Other Ways?

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