How to Find and Enroll in Paid Quintiles (IQVIA) Clinical Trials

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Finding IQVIA or Quintiles Clinical Trials Is Easy With DoNotPay

Quintiles, now known as IQVIA, is a clinical research and health information technology company with headquarters in Danbury, CT, and Durham, NC. It merged with IMS Health in 2016, creating QuintilesIMS, but in 2017 they took the current name IQVIA.

The company focuses on clinical trials in all four phases, associated laboratory and analytical services, and consulting services.

If you’re interested in participating in clinical trials by IQVIA, the easiest way to find the right medical study for you is DoNotPay.

What Types of IQVIA Clinical Trials Are There?

Clinical trial definitions might differ slightly, but they all agree that every new medical treatment must pass through the stage of being tested on humans. While pre-clinical research in laboratories and on animals tries to determine the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and procedures to the best of its capability, only the controlled studies on human volunteers can show whether the treatment will work as expected.

Clinical trials can be categorized based on different criteria. Depending on what the focus of the study is, there are:

  1. Treatment trials
  2. Diagnostic trials
  3. Prevention trials
  4. Quality-of-life trials

Since every field of medical research relies on clinical trials to bring about new treatments, trials can be classified in regards to the therapeutic area. IQVIA specializes in medical studies in:

  • Oncology
  • Rare Diseases
  • Central Nervous System
  • Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
  • GI and Hepatology
  • Diabetes
  • Pediatrics
  • Biosimilars

Many clinical trials come with financial compensation, so we could differentiate between paid trials for healthy volunteers and trials offering payouts for current patients.

Why Should I Participate in Quintiles Clinical Trials?

Reasons for participating in clinical trials are numerous:

  1. They are necessary. All current treatment options became available because of clinical trials. While not all studies achieve success, if one brings about a revolutionary new drug or procedure, the world will be changed for the better. Testing in laboratories and on animals is also necessary, but it has its limitations, and no research is complete without the participation of human volunteers
  2. You will be helping people. Whether you’re a healthy individual or a patient, your participation in a clinical trial might prove to be crucial for developing a new treatment option that will save the lives of millions, perhaps including your own or the lives of your loved ones
  3. You will have enhanced healthcare. If you’re suffering from a terminal or chronic disease and available treatment options are not helping anymore, it doesn’t mean some new therapies won’t be more successful. Even if you don’t get cured, you will be surrounded by top-notch medical experts who will monitor your health state more closely than in regular circumstances
  4. Some trials include financial rewards or cover the costs of your healthcare. If you’re struggling with finances or need help covering your medical bills, participation in clinical trials can be a good way out. Some studies come with up to $10,000 compensation for a completed trial, while others might take care of your healthcare expenses during the study

Risks Associated With IQVIA Clinical Trials

There is no medical procedure that comes without risk, no matter how small. Such is the case with clinical trials as well. IQVIA clinical trials are the last stage in the new treatment development process.

They are closely monitored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and institutional review boards (IRB) to ensure maximum possible safety and protection of human research subjects’ rights. Before you sign up, IQVIA research staff will make sure to provide all necessary information and explain possible risks so they can ensure your informed consent.

Possible risks associated with clinical trials are:

  • New or more severe side effects
  • Target treatment may not work in your case
  • You will have to sacrifice your daily routine and free time due to more frequent visits to healthcare facilities
  • You may not be able to choose whether you receive the treatment or a placebo (randomized trials)
  • Some studies won’t cover all your medical bills, and neither will your insurance

To minimize the risks and negative experiences with IQVIA clinical trials, make sure to discuss all these points with their staff before signing up. In case you’re not comfortable with the process, even after signing the informed consent agreement, you can always give up without consequences.

How To Find Quintiles Clinical Trials With DoNotPay

The Quintiles or IQVIA website will not be of much use if you’re a potential clinical trial volunteer since it mostly provides information to other companies interested in using IQVIA solutions. Using Google and typing in “IQVIA clinical trials near me” will be a better shot, but the results might overlap across different websites and create more frustration.

DoNotPay has created the ultimate search platform for browsing clinical trials, university psychology studies, or medical surveys. You can set up search filters to match your needs and stop wasting time on checking each search result.

By using DoNotPay to look for relevant clinical trials, you will gain access to a huge database and easily find the one that is right for you. You don’t need to be an expert to start the process:

  1. Create your DoNotPay account in a
  2. Log in and select Clinical Trials
  3. Hit Get Started
  4. Modify search filters to see only the results you’re interested in
  5. Pick the trial that looks most promising
  6. Click on Contact

Our search filters will present all relevant IQVIA trials and sort them based on estimated compensation, location, or date and time of posting.

Many research institutions publish studies that haven’t started recruiting yet. With DoNotPay, you can bookmark them, track their progress from the app, and sign up when they become available.

You can even opt for getting notifications via text messages when new trials become available in your area.

Where Else To Find Quintiles Clinical Trials

Besides DoNotPay, it’s best to use verified and trusted search platforms related to institutions like the National Institutes of Health (NIH). If the search platform allows you to look for trials based on a keyword, enter Quintiles or IQVIA and see if you meet the eligibility criteria of the study before you contact the researchers:



National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  • More than 350,000 clinical trials in all 50 states and worldwide
  • Currently available and future studies

Clinical Research

  • IQVIA’s search platform
  • Search based on conditions and zip code
  • Possibility to register and receive notifications about new trials

DoNotPay Helps You Find Clinical Trials and More

IQVIA is not the only company whose clinical trials you can find on DoNotPay’s search platform. You can search for trials conducted by Worldwide or Covance, trials in Houston or Boston, or look them up by diseases like pancreatic cancer, depression, or diabetes.

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