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Prevagen is an over-the-counter dietary supplement made by Quincy Bioscience that allegedly helps in mild memory loss caused by aging. Based on apoaequorin, a protein that comes from jellyfish, Prevagen became available nationwide in 2007. It built its reputation on a single, company-sponsored clinical trial (Madison Memory Study) that tried to prove the connection between its active ingredient and cognitive functions.

In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took Quincy Bioscience to court for deceptive claims and false advertising. After initial dismissal, the case was resumed in early 2019. As a result of a class action in 2020, Quincy Bioscience agreed to stop advertising its products as having a beneficial effect on brain health and memory loss.

What Is Wrong With Prevagen Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials, by definition, refer to tests of new medical treatment options on willing human subjects. The institution that regulates clinical trials on a federal level is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Researchers must submit the results of long pre-clinical research for approval before commencing tests on humans and validate the results in three phases of clinical trials.

As stated in an article on Harvard Medical School’s blog, the results of the study conducted by Quincy Bioscience were inconclusive and poorly presented. Since Prevagen is advertised as a dietary supplement, it doesn’t fall under strict FDA regulations like medicines and other medical treatments.

Federal Regulation on Dietary Supplements

Some of the rules that apply to dietary supplements, available on the FDA’s website, include the following:

  • Dietary supplements must be clearly labeled as such
  • They can be produced, marketed, and sold before getting safety approval by the FDA
  • The claims on labels of dietary supplements don’t have to be verified by the FDA
  • Companies making dietary supplements must report to the FDA if consumers or healthcare professionals notice any negative side effects
  • It is illegal to advertise dietary supplements as a cure or treatment for various conditions or symptoms of different diseases

As there are many holes in current regulation, the FDA announced the modernization of its overseeing procedures regarding dietary supplements. The most important points refer to:

  1. Immediately informing the public when research establishes that certain supplements are not safe for consumption
  2. Establishing a consortium of medical experts that will work on the improvement of dietary supplement safety evaluations
  3. Using harsher methods against companies producing illegal supplements or making inaccurate statements about the safety or efficacy of their products

Find Genuine Clinical Trials With DoNotPay

You should participate only in clinical trials that follow clear regulations of proper monitoring agencies. Finding clinical studies nowadays is not a big issue. You can enter “clinical studies near me” into Google's search bar and see millions of results, but are they safe or suitable for you?

DoNotPay’s mission is to help you find the right clinical study that suits your needs the best. In our vast and regularly updated database, you can find all kinds of studies, including medical surveys and paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers.

Accessing our search platform is far from being a hassle. You will need to set up a DoNotPay account in any . Once you’re done, log in and do the following:

  1. Select Clinical Trials on the homepage
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Set up the search criteria to see the relevant results
  4. Select the study that looks appealing
  5. Hit Contact

Our AI bots will send an email to the researchers in your name. If you fit the criteria, they will call or email you in a few days.

What Makes DoNotPay Such a Good Tool for Finding Clinical Trials?

When looking for clinical trials, the most important factors for getting the best results are search parameters. Most platforms will allow you to browse trials based on location or disease, but DoNotPay has them all.

With our app, you can choose to see clinical trials depending on:

  • Location
  • Estimated financial gains
  • Safety
  • Placebo involvement
  • Suitability for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Time and date
  • Other preferences

Once you get the results, you can contact as many clinical trials as you like. If you see an upcoming study that hasn’t started the recruitment process yet, you can bookmark it, track its progress in the app, and be among the first volunteers to send an application when it becomes available.

Considering that some studies pay up to several thousand dollars, this feature of DoNotPay’s search platform will prove invaluable help to earn some extra cash.

You can also provide us with your phone number, and we will send you text messages when new clinical trials become available in your area.

Whatever money you earn from participation in clinical studies is yours to keep. We won’t ask for any cuts or fees, and you can use our search platform as much as you want.

Risks and Benefits of Participation in Studies Like Prevagen Clinical Trials

Taking part in clinical studies, whether they are for new medicines or dietary supplements, has its perks and drawbacks. To avoid being a test subject in questionable research like Prevagen clinical studies, you can always check whether the trusted agencies approved the clinical trial you’re interested in.

Before you sign up, try to research the organizer and the sponsors, but also consider the following aspects of volunteering in clinical trials of any kind:



  • You may experience uncomfortable or severe reactions to ingredients of the tested product
  • You may have to cover indirect costs like travel, childcare, or lack of income during the trial
  • You may need to abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, physical activity, etc.
  • If you have related health issues, you may access new, experimental treatments or supplements that will improve your health status
  • Some trials will pay you for participation or cover travel and accommodation costs
  • You will be helping the scientific community

How To Avoid Shady Research Opportunities Similar to Prevagen Clinical Studies?

The easiest way to access legitimate clinical trials is to use trusted search platforms. Besides DoNotPay, you can try some of the following websites to find more trials for dietary supplements:

  1. ClinicalTrials
  2. ResearchMatch
  3. Clinical Research

What Else Can I Use DoNotPay For?

DoNotPay will match you with the best clinical trials organized by top-notch companies like Worldwide, Quintiles (IQVIA), or PPD.

Our constantly updated database provides you with opportunities to participate in trials for almost any condition or disease, including colon cancer, HIV, macular degeneration, or rheumatoid arthritis. Looking for something more experimental? You can also find CBD or psychedelic trials.

Besides the search platform for clinical trials, our app will help you with other issues. You can access DoNotPay from any . Log in and explore all of our tools that can make your life easier:

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