How to Contact Inmates at the Oklahoma State Reformatory

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How to Contact Inmates at the Oklahoma State Reformatory

Ask anyone who has been in prison, and they will tell you that a bright spot in their day is receiving mail from the outside world. It is especially important that you learn how to contact inmates at the since it is a larger prison with many inmates.

The Oklahoma State Reformatory is in Granite Oklahoma. Therefore, it is often called the "Granite OK Prison". It holds 999 inmates, with many of them being convicted of violent crimes. Therefore, the prison focuses strongly on education and has a work release that employs approximately 70 inmates at a garment factory.

If someone you care for is being held at Oklahoma State Reformatory, you can be certain that contact with you will encourage them to change their lives for the better. You can encourage them to focus on their education so that when they leave, they are able to choose a better path. DoNotPay would like to help you in this endeavor.

About the Oklahoma State Reformatory

This prison was first established in 1909. It was built by inmates using granite blocks that were cut from nearby hills. In the beginning, it was built for the purpose of helping young inmates get an education and trade skills that they could build from in their future.

Over time, the prison expanded, things happened and the original building crumbled. Now, its oldest structures only date back to 1921. Beyond this, it is a historical landmark for being the first accredited high school in a prison system and is where the first female warden, Clara Waters, performed her duties.

You can contact the prison via:

Physical Address1700 East First Street, Granite, OK 73547
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 514, Granite, OK 73547
WardenChad Dennis
Phone(580) 480-3700
Fax NumbersAdministration/Personnel: (580) 480-3999, Medical: (580) 480-3987, Records: (405) 425-2545

Contacting the Granite, OK prison is relatively simple to do. They also try to make it simple for you to connect with a loved one.

How to Connect With Inmates at Granite OK Prison

If you want to connect with someone at , you can do so in a few different ways. However, visitation can be a little complicated when you first start visiting.


The available visitation hours may vary based on the facility and the inmate's security level. To get started processing whether you can visit or not, you must fill out a form and be willing to have your background checked. The approval process can take up to 8 weeks from the time that OSR receives your request.

Some information you will need to provide includes:

  1. Your Full Name, Social Security Number, Address, Etc.
  2. Your Relationship to the Inmate and How Long You Have Known Them
  3. Whether You Have Ever Worked within the Department of Corrections
  4. Inmate's Name and ODOC Number
  5. Charges Against Them, Where They Are Located, When They Were Brought In

Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays have visitation between 8a and 3:30p. Visitors must be approved and there before 2p. You will need to contact the prison to learn about other times you may be able to visit. Then, how long you can stay will depend on the severity of the crime committed by the inmate.


Inmates may receive letters anytime. You are encouraged to write and mail your letter to: Inmate's Name, Number, and Housing Assignment (if known) at P.O. Box 514, Granite, OK 73547-0514


If you wish to send money to your loved one, you can do it in person, via credit cards, or JPay. No matter which way you choose to do it, you will need to provide:

  • The Inmate's Name
  • The Inmate's 7 Digit DOC Identification Number
  • The Inmate's Current Location (prison name)

You are not allowed to send packages to this facility. There is no mention of video calls or anything of that nature. Therefore, if you want to consider these options, you will have to contact the prison to find out what is allowed.

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