Dispute a Newport Beach Parking Ticket In Two Minutes!

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Dispute Newport Beach Parking Ticket In Two Minutes

Newport beach has remained as one of California's finest tourist destinations since the days of the McFadden brothers. The glistening waters make for an attractive destination for family leisure, surfing, swimming, whale-watching, and other seaside activities.

Whether you are seeking to tour the Balboa region or observe pro-surfers at the wedge, you should remember two things: John Wayne airport shuts down at 10 pm every day, and you can appeal and win your parking citation in just two minutes.

Here's your guide to Newport Beach and a great help to rid you of parking citations, so you can enjoy your stay at Newport Beach.

Common Newport Beach parking infractions to avoid

You should look out for these violations when visiting Newport Beach:

  • Parking after an expired meter
  • Parking in a bus or taxi loading zone
  • Parking for 72-hours in a place
  • Obstructing an alley with parking
  • Parking at a red curb or violating the time limit for the colored curbs.
  • Obstructing street sweeping with parking
  • Parking with a state-issued permit
  • Parking overnight in a prohibited area
  • Disobeying first come, first serve basis

Since the period of the pandemic, the government has taken steps to ease the burden on residents and relaxed some of its parking laws. For example, you may not be liable for a fine if you have an overnight permit and you park at spots beyond the stipulated time. These changes are only temporary. Expect things to return to normalcy as the pandemic improves.

Newport parking fees

As a tourist city, Newport Beach has different fines for different periods of the year. Here’s a brief breakdown:

Types of vehicleMay to September finesOctober to April fines
CarsPer hourPer dayPer dayPer day
Recreational vehicles$8.35$83.45$6.70$57.10
Commercial Buses$8.35$83.45$5.70$57.10

Should I appeal my Newport Beach citation?

Most people worry about the stress of an appeal because it takes a lot of work and there is the notion that you need a lawyer to better your chances of winning. This is no longer true thanks to , which helps you get a quality appeal lined up and ready in less than three minutes.

What is the Newport Beach appeal process?

Unlike other states, Newport Beach has multiple layers of appeal for your ticket. Learn about them below:

Newport Beach first appeal

The first appeal process for a citation in Newport Beach is called an administrative review. You have three weeks from the date of ticket issue to request an administrative review, and a failure to do so within the stipulated time will automatically deem you responsible for paying the ticket.

You may choose to apply online, in person, or through the mail. When applying you need to submit all evidence substantiating your claim, including a written defense stating the reason you believe an appeal is justifiable in the light of the circumstances that warranted your citation.

The result of the decision may take less than two weeks or up to eight weeks, which you can view afterward at the website, depending on the complexity of investigations. Here are the addresses you can send your appeal to:

Revenue Customer Service Office

Phone: (844) 312-2926

Address: P.O. Box 3599, Tustin, CA 92781-3599

For in-person hearing:

1st floor of the conference room at the Civic center 100 Civic Center Dr, Newport Beach CA 92660

Online Appeal: Here

Newport Beach second appeal

A secondary administrative review takes the form of a hearing which can be administered in person, through telecommunication, or by submitting your defense in a clear video.

You will be expected to pay the stipulated fine along with your documents for second appeal. This will be returned to you if your appeal turns out to be successful.

How to pay for Newport Beach citations

Sometimes also, it is better off to just pay the fine especially when you are convinced of your wrong and can’t find any plausible alibi or defense. Here’s how to pay for your tickets to Newport Beach:

In-personTo pay in person, you’ll have to make a trip to the Newport Beach revenue office.

Here’s the address:

City of Newport Beach City Hall Cashier - Bay A, First Level 100 Civic Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

Through mailSend your payment check to:

City of Newport Beach PO Box 3599 Tustin, CA 92781-3599 Be sure to include your vehicle registration details and tax number.

OnlineYou can also pay online with your credit card by visiting the official payment website. Only Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards are accepted.
By phoneHere’s the number to call: 844-312-2926

Win your Newport Beach appeal with DoNotPay

Choosing DoNotPay means choosing a fast and excellent appeal service and you only have to:

  1. Go to and look for the Parking Tickets service
  2. Truthfully answer a few questions regarding your appeal
  3. Receive the drafted defense to your citation according to California laws
  4. Request DoNotPay to deliver your defense
  5. Wait for feedback on the outcome of your case after two weeks

Other features of DoNotPay

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