Everything You Need to Know About Maury Correctional Institution

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How to Connect With an Inmate at Maury Correctional Institution

is a close and medium-security prison for men located in Hookerton, North Carolina. It has a capacity of 1,504 inmates and is divided into six units named by color.

Maury Correctional Institution Contact Information

Maury Correctional Institution is located in Hookerton North Carolina. To reach the facility from east or west, take U.S. 70 to Goldsboro. From north or south, take U.S.117 to Goldsboro.

Once you reach Goldsboro, take U.S. 13 N to Snow Hill, then take U.S. 13/258 towards Farmville to Four Way Road. Maury Correctional Institution is located about three miles ahead on the left.

Physical AddressMaury Correctional Institution

2568 Moore Rouse Road

Hookerton, NC 28538

Phone(252) 653-5501

How to Reach Inmates at Maury Correctional Institute on Your Own


There are a number of requirements at Maury related to inmate visitation. First, all visitors must have been approved prior to their visit. Approvals are processed through applications. Inmates may send blank applications to friends and family who they wish to receive as visitors. Potential visitors should complete the application and mail it back to Maury for approval.

Visits are by appointment only. Call the prison to schedule an appointment. Visitors should call the prison the day before a scheduled visit to confirm its visitation status. Rules and regulations are subject to update, particularly with regard to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Offenders are generally allowed one visit per week with up to three visitors in the visit. Visits are not generally permitted to exceed three hours.

Visitors must pass through a metal detector and wear appropriate clothing, which means, among other things, that it is not excessively revealing.


Inmates may make outgoing calls for a fee but may not receive incoming calls. In order to help fund outgoing calls for inmates, you will need to go through GTL's AdvancePay system.

Send money

NCDPS partners with JPay to allow you to send funds to inmates housed at Maury. There are various ways in which you can send money through JPay:

1. Money orders.

  • Money orders must be made payable to JPay
  • Send a money order with a deposit slip to JPay, P.O. Box 173070, Hialeah, FL 33017
  • Funds will be available to the offender within 10 business days.

2. Credit or debit online

  • Go to JPay.com to pay online.
  • Fastest and simplest way to send money to an inmate at Maury.

3. JPay mobile app

  • Available from the Apple App store or Google Play
  • Allows you to send money from anywhere

4. By phone

  • Call (800) 574-5729.
  • Pay with your debit or credit card.

5. Walk-in cash

  • Visit a MoneyGram location, including Walmart and CVS Pharmacies.
  • Use receive code 1224.
  • A list of MoneyGram locations is available at JPay.com

Of course, there are fees associated with the above options. A list of the fees can be found here.

Send mail to an inmate

If you want to write to a prisoner or a prison pen pal at Maury Correctional Institute, all mail must be sent through a private company, TextBehind. TextBehind makes it possible for you to write letters to inmates while maintaining the security of the facility by protecting against contraband.

If inmate mail is not addressed as follows, it will be returned.

Offender Name and OPUS Number

Maury Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

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