How to Order a Marriage Certificate in Tamil Nadu

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How to Order a Certified Copy of Your Marriage Certificate in Tamil Nadu

Because it is not compulsory to register marriages in India, the Central Government has made provisions for all marriages in the country to be certified. The primary goal of this requirement is to protect women from harassment and molestation. DoNotPay has the information you need to certify your wedding, so keep reading to learn what you need to know about a .

Reasons You Need a Marriage Certificate in Tamil Nadu

India is a wonderful country with millennia of culture and civilization to boast of, but the reality is that much of the country is not in step with the 21st century. Check out the table below to learn why you should register a marriage in Tamil Nadu.

By requiring marriages to be registered, society receives the following benefits:
  • Polygamy is barred
  • Child marriage is prevented
  • Women can claim shelter and maintenance
  • The marriage falsely recognized in court
There are additional benefits, too.
  • Marriage certificates are necessary for immigration, visa, and Pan name changes
  • Us the to get a partner visa for your spouse, especially if you are honeymooning or moving abroad
  • Financial business—adding your spouse to your bank account, insurance policies, passport, or Aadhar card is made easier with a marriage certificate in hand.

The good news is that with DoNotPay, you can apply online for a , from anywhere in the world.

How Do You Register a Marriage in Tamil Nadu?

In Tamil Nadu, your registration depends upon your religion. and that of your spouse.

  • Hindu Marriage Act of 1955: if both spouses are members of the Hindu, Jains, Sikh, or Buddhist religions, this is the provision.
  • Special Marriage Act of 1954: if both parties belong to another religious community, they register under this Act

Are You Eligible to Get Married in Tamil Nadu?

Since the marriage certificate provides social protection for women, each party to the marriage must provide proof that they are indeed eligible to marry. These are the requirements.

  1. The bride must be at least 18, and the groom 21 years of age.
  2. Each party must give free and voluntary consent.
  3. For Hindu certificates, the marriage must be officiated by a licensed individual, with three witnesses.
  4. A Special marriage must be conducted by a registered officiant, with two witnesses present.
  5. Each party must be free to marry; that is, there must not be another living spouse.
  6. If either party has been married before, they must provide proof that they are now widowed or divorced.

If you're not a native of Tamil Nadu, or another part of India, all these documents may seem reductive. However, since it's the marriage certificate that serves as a barrier against human rights abuses and gender discrimination, all this paperwork is vital.

Documents Required for a Tamil Nadu Marriage Certificate

Just like you must provide several documents for the ceremony, you must also provide a variety of documents for the certificate. If you're familiar with American matrimony, you can consider the documents for the marriage akin to the license, while the certificate proves the wedding actually took place. Some of these seem a bit odd if you are not a native to Tamil Nadu, but they do serve the purpose of protecting minors and ensuring all parties are who they purport to be.

Here is what you need to prove the marriage happened. Some documents are only required in certain situations, like a second marriage.

  • Proof of age and address
  • Individual photographs
  • Certificate from the priest or officiant
  • Copy of wedding invitation
  • Wedding photo
  • Certificates of conversion; death or divorce certificate—if applicable
  • Reference and dispatch numbers and Church Certificate
  • Two witnesses with their own proof of identity and residency

Apply Online

Go online to the Tamil Nadu government website for a copy of the PDF form you can download.

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