Connect With an Inmate At Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility

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Connect With an Inmate At Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility

, also called MWCRCF, is a local correctional facility in Marion County. The facility has 464 cells at maximum security and holds male and female prisoners. The penitentiary department of MWCRCF claims that they are the most secure facility within Mississippi. Within MWCRCF, all prisoners get ninety minutes outside and must remain in waist restraints. Prisoners are allowed to participate in educational services.

Where Is Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility Located?

The is located on top of a hill in Marion, with access to Highway 51 and Interstate 59. The facility is approximately one mile from the City Hall and near the district's center, facilitating a quick response time for emergencies. Construction of the Main compound for this State Regional Correctional Facility began in 1881 and was completed in 1883 for $75,000. The regional correctional facility is under the Marion Walthall county correctional facility board.

Contact Information

Physical Address1 Marion Walthall Drive; Tylertown, MS 39667; US
Phone Number(601) 876-5151, Statewide Number: (800) 510-3245
Fax(601) 876-5152

How To Contact Inmates At Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility

Inmates may have up to five people on their visitation list, including up to twelve visits a month with an approved visitor. Visits must be scheduled two weeks before the facility visit and must have approval by an officer. Visitors should follow the facility's dress code. You can also keep in touch with an inmate through calls, you can write them a letter, or you can find and write to prison pen pals.


Inmate visitation for Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility occurs every day from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM except on holidays. Visitors are also heavily screened before being allowed to enter the correctional facility. Visitors cannot bring food. There are three main steps for security screening for visitors:

  1. Metal detector screening
  2. Pat-down searches
  3. Property searches

Contact through Calls

Call hours are from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM, seven days a week. All phone conversations are subject to monitoring and recording by prison personnel. The cost of a 15-minute phone call is $3.50 in advance. Photos are allowed if sent directly from a licensed photographer or photocopied with the original sent to MWCRCF to ensure that the picture going into the facility is not a contraband item.


Inmates at Walthall County are allowed to receive mail from their kin. You can, therefore, write a letter to your loved one. All mail goes through inspection for security purposes and must have the sender's name and mailing address on the envelope.

How To Send Money To Inmates At Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility

You can send money through JPAY or Western Union, an electronic payment system that deposits funds into your friend's account using a PIN. These systems will only accept cash and money orders, including a self-addressed stamped envelope if you send a check. The inmates receive the funds instantly. The only way for inmates to get cash is to use debit cards.

How To Send Packages To Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility Inmates

Contact the Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility before sending any packages to an inmate. Some of the items that may be prohibited include powders, oversized envelopes, or boxes.

Steps to Take Before Calling or Writing to an Inmate at MWCRCF

Follow these steps before calling or writing to inmates:

  1. You can write to someone at Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility by addressing the letter as follows: Inmate's Full Name, Booking Number, State ID, or Offender ID.
  2. Write a letter to the inmate in care of the prison warden or jail administrator, including in your letter all of your contact information - address, email address, and phone.
  3. Ask the inmate if they want to receive your letters and how often you should write, for example, weekly or biweekly. Do not attach any money.
  4. Note that the facility will not forward any correspondence, so please do not send mail to their address asking to have them deliver it.
  5. Do not use the inmate's name when addressing the envelope or your return address on the envelope. If you do, they will return it to the sender. Your return address should only appear on the inside of the envelope.

Difficulties You May Have Contacting Loved One In Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility

Some of the difficulties you may run into are:

  • Not receiving the letter due to an incorrect inmate address
  • Inmate not wanting any contact with you
  • Low phone time makes it hard for you to get through
  • Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility is too far away from you to visit

Get In Touch With Your Loved Ones At Marion Walthall County Regional Correctional Facility Via Donotpay

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