All About Gib Lewis Unit and Contacting Inmates

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How to Connect with an Inmate at Gib Lewis Unit in Texas

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice manages the . The facility holds about 2200 male inmates in G1-G5 custody level detention housing. The prison is about 360 acres in span altogether, fully equipped with a versatile assortment of educational programs, special treatment services, volunteer initiatives, and educational courses.

There are approximately 570 employees on-site, with the bulk of them being security employees. Gib Lewis Unit was established in August of 1990 and headed by Deputy Division Director Eric Guerrero alongside Regional Director Stephen Bryant and Senior Warden Sergio Perez.

Lewis Unit Location and Contact Information

Gib Lewis Unit is located at 777 FM 3497, with the city of Woodville just being about a mile to the west. To commute there, all that you have to do is take Highway 190, heading East from Woodville until it's just a turn left onto FM3497 and straight ahead down the road.

Physical address

777 FM 3497

Woodville, TX 75990

Phone number(409-283-8181 (**040)
General emailN/A

How to Visit and Contact Inmates at Gib Lewis Unit on Your Own

The allowed open floor visitation hours for Gib Lewis Unit are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To be cleared for a visit, it is necessary to fill out an application for approval by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

If you plan to visit an inmate in the expansion cellblock, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to get clearance. An inmate may be visited by no more than two adults at a time, though minor children are not counted towards the total. The maximum time permitted for any visit is two hours, and you are only allowed to have one visit per weekend.

Phone Calls

To have phone calls with an inmate at Gib Lewis Unit, you first have to register for a mandatory membership with Texas Prison Phone. You can complete your registration on their website or call them directly at 1-866-806-7804. By doing this, you will be formally logged in the authorized contact registry by the prison's telephone vendor and thereby eligible to receive outgoing calls from the inmate that you know.

How to Send Mail to Gib Lewis Unit Inmates

Inmates at Gib Lewis Unit are allowed to receive mail and packages from approved vendors. In order to send mail to an inmate at the prison, you have to ensure that you send plainly state the name of the offender along with a clearly visible unit address and TDCJ number. This also applies to any subscriptions to magazines and newspapers that you want to send, which can only be done by the publisher themselves and not through direct mail. If you'd like to send an email message, you can utilize JPAY to gain access to the electronic message channel.

How to Send Money to Lewis Unit Inmates

Here are the permitted methods to send money to an inmate at Gib Lewis Unit:

  1. Phone - Making a telephone call to carry out the transaction manually with a live agent
  2. Online - Make a payment on the Access Corrections website
  3. Money Order - Made payable to the Inmate Trust Fund. The deposit slip that you make the money order on can either come from the offender themselves or be delivered in a

A self-addressed envelope to the following address:

Inmate Trust Funds

PO Box 60

Huntsville, TX 77342-0060

  1. Direct - ECOMMDIRECT is an online service where you can make a deposit directly into the inmate's commissary funds through the Inmate Trust system. An inmate's family and friends are usually permitted to make quarterly purchases for them up to a limit of about $60, with only the 4th quarter being an exception to the rule.

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