Obtaining a Lafayette Reservoir Fishing License

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How to Apply for a Lafayette Reservoir Fishing License

California hosts many great lakes like San Diego lake, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Piru. But it would be best if you also made the Lafayette Reservoir your ideal fishing center. But fishing at the reservoir attracts a daily charge plus the usual CA fishing license. So, join us as we discuss the options and where to buy

Home to catfish, trout, and sunfish, the Lafayette Reservoir is an interesting spot in the East Bay. Whether you're spinning or angling in Lafayette reservoir, this article will help you.

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Who Is Eligible For A Lafayette Reservoir Fishing Permit And License?

Would you like to fish in Lafayette Reservoir?

Anglers aged 16+ need a California State Fishing License and EDMUD Permit. When you buy the California fishing license, you can fish in the state's freshwater and saltwater. Of course, that includes Lafayette reservoir.

If you're fishing in a group, everyone must get a permit. It also applies when you're fishing with a guide or on a rented boat.

How Long Is A Lafayette Reservoir Fishing License Good For?

Lafayette fishing license for residents and non-residents is valid for a year. You can renew your license after it expires on December 31. But the Lafayette reservoir entrance permit lasts for a day.

Cost of Different Lafayette Reservoir Fishing Licenses

Want to spend a day, year, or lifetime exploring Lafayette water? Well, that's not a problem. CA Department of Fish and Wildlife has flexible license prices for everyone. From one day to a whole year, there are plenty of options for any serious angler.

So, let's look at the different Lafayette license prices for:


License TypeFee
Lifetime (ages 0 to 9)$594.75
Lifetime (ages 10 to 39)$972.50
Lifetime (ages 40 to 61)$876
Lifetime (age 62+)$594.75


License TypeFee

One-day and Two-day fishing licenses cost the same for both residents and non-residents. But the ten-day permit is only available to visiting anglers. Likewise, non-residents cannot apply for a lifetime fishing license.

Worth mentioning that your age also determines what you pay. Besides, it would help if you renewed your license to continue fishing for the following year.

It costs around $3 to fish in Lafayette reservoir each day.

Do I Need Report Cards To Fish In Lafayette Reservoir?

You need a report card when fishing for specific species in CA freshwaters. A report card records your catch against compliance with your limit of fish species. So, get your card if you want to target:

  • Sturgeon
  • Salmon
  • Steelhead
  • Spiny Lobster

Report cards apply even in conditions where you don't need a fishing license. For example, under 16 anglers need a verified report card to fish in public piers. Cardholders must return it to the authorities by January 31.

You must report your Spiny lobster fishing activities once the season ends by April 30. Submission is either online or to the address on the report card.

So, do you need a report card for fishing in Lafayette reservoir? Here's the fact!

Lafayette reservoir does not host the regulated species. But has plenty of sunfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, and catfish species. EBMUD also plants trout in fall, winter, and spring. In general, you don't need a report card to fish in the Lafayette reservoir.

Where to Buy a Lafayette Reservoir Permit

As said earlier, the state's fishing license and the daily ticket qualifies you to fish in the Lafayette reservoir. You can buy the EBMUD fishing permit at the Visitor Center. For questions and reservations, contact EBMUD at:

  1. Official website
  2. Email: Lafayette.Reservoir@ebmud.com
  3. Or call: 925-284-9669

Buy a California Fishing License Yourself

You must buy a CA sports fishing license to fish in Lafayette reservoir. As of now, all applications are online. So, you can visit the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife to apply for your license.

Getting the CA Fishing License to fish in Lafayette reservoir is a bit tricky. That's because you must generate your GO Identification number. And not everyone has the patience to go through the long process.

So, what's the way out?

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