All About Kentucky Correctional Institute and Contacting Inmates

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How to Connect With an Inmate at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women

The Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women (also called the KCIW and the Pewee Valley Prison) is a mixed-security prison for adult women that opened in 1938. It is located in Pewee Valley, Kentucky. It is managed by the Kentucky Department of Corrections, and it has a maximum capacity of 721 prisoners at any given time. The prison holds female convicts who need all forms of custody, including Kentucky's death row for women, as well as providing treatment for disabled and special needs inmates.

The process of contacting inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women can be difficult to navigate, but if you have a friend or loved one in the system, it can greatly improve their quality of life to maintain contact with people on the outside. How do you contact inmates at KCIW, and how can DoNotPay help you simplify the process?

Where Is the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women Located?

The is located near Pewee Valley, Kentucky. While Pewee Valley itself is in Oldham County, the prison is in an unincorporated section of neighboring Shelby County.

Physical Address

3000 Ash Ave.

Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Main Contact Phone(502) 241-8454
Fax(502) 243-0079

How to Contact Inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women

There are a few different ways to contact inmates at KCIW: by telephone and by mail.

How to Contact Inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women by Phone

The Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women does not allow incoming phone calls to prisoners. In the event of an emergency, you can reach the operator at (502) 241-8454 and then press 0, but you will not be allowed to talk to your inmate this way. The only way KCIW allows phone contact with inmates is if the inmate initiates it. All outgoing calls from the facility must be made collected, meaning that the call's recipient will be on the hook for the bill.

How to Send Mail to Inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women

All mail to inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women must be sent via the U.S. Postal Service. These messages are subject to inspection to determine whether they break the prison rules.

The mailing address of the Pewee Valley Prison is:

Inmate's Name & Register Number

Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women

3000 Ash Ave

Pewee Valley, KY 40056.

How to Send Money to Inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women

You can send money to inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in three ways.

  1. You can send money through the Access Corrections system
  2. You can send money through a CashPay Today retail location
  3. You can mail a money order through the USPS

For more information on what forms you need to send money to a KCIW inmate, see the Kentucky Department of Corrections website.

Get in Touch With Your Incarcerated Loved Ones Using DoNotPay

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DoNotPay Can Help You Locate Your Imprisoned Friend

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Why Use DoNotPay to Help You Connect With an Inmate

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