Request an Indiegogo Refund in a Few Easy Steps

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How To Get an Indiegogo Refund for a Project You Regret Backing

Indiegogo is an American online crowdfunding platform and one of the first websites of its kind. It allows users to raise or provide funds for various projects and innovations. Backers can sometimes receive an interesting product for their money, but they won't always get what they expected. If you have lost your money backing a project that went nowhere, you're probably hoping for a refund.

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Getting your money back from a company can be tricky and time-consuming. There is a way out of researching policies and filling out requests. DoNotPay lets you go about your day as usual while it does all the work for you. After you find the app in your , there are only a few steps you have to take:

  1. Log into your DoNotPay account
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  3. Answer a few questions to confirm transaction information and payment details
  4. Give your digital signature to complete the process

DoNotPay will take it from there and resolve the issue as fast as possible. We will fax the request to your bank right away. The letter will also contain all the Visa and Mastercard codes that increase your chances of winning the case. DoNotPay can even contact the merchant in your name to collect more evidence and reinforce your position.

Are You Eligible for a Refund? Learn All About Indiegogo's Refund Policy

Your success with getting a refund for a pledge on Indiegogo depends on the type of project you decided to support. The policy is the same for all projects only if you file for a refund within 10 days of the contribution. There are a few exceptions where you can't get a refund:

  • The campaign ended
  • The perk is “locked” or already shipped
  • The money was already sent to the campaign owner

If more than 10 days passed, you might still be able to get a refund, but it depends on the type of funding goal.

Projects With Fixed Funding

These projects will only take your money if they reach the set funding goal. If they fail to do so, each backer will automatically receive their money back to the original form of payment. It could take up to five business days before the money shows up in your bank account.

Projects With Flexible Funding

In case of a project with flexible funding, your money will go to the campaign owner even if the funding goal has not been reached. This means Indiegogo can't refund your pledge if the campaign ended, or more than 10 days passed after you made the payment. The only thing to do is to get in touch with the campaign owner and request a refund by yourself.

Ways To Request an Indiegogo Refund on Your Own

There isn't one universal way to apply for a refund unless you're requesting it within 10 days of pledging. If so, here's what you need to do:

  1. Make sure your email is verified. If you have already verified your email address, skip this step
  2. Log into your Indiegogo account
  3. Look for the confirmation email you received at the time you sent a contribution to the project
  4. Click on the View contribution details link included in the bottom of the email
  5. If the pledge is eligible for a refund, a Refund Contribution button will appear. Click on it to proceed
  6. Confirm that you're applying for a refund

You will receive a message to notify you if the refund was successful. In case you can't find the confirmation email, don't worry. You can log into your account and find the My Contributions option in the menu in the top right corner. When you click on it, it takes you to the same page the confirmation email would have taken you to.

Refunding a Flexible Funding Project

Most projects have flexible funding, which allows the campaign owner to keep the money regardless of the goal status.

If you aren't happy with funding a project of this sort, there's nothing Indiegogo can do for you. You can try contacting the owner and asking them for a refund, but don't expect too much. If the owner hasn't delivered what they promised, they're probably a scammer and won't return your money willingly.

Can You Request a Refund Via









How Long Will I Have To Wait Until I Get My Money Back?

Indiegogo refunds usually don't take too long. You will see the money back in your bank account within five business days of asking for a refund. If nothing happens after five business days, you can log into your Indiegogo account and contact customer support from their website.

Are There Any Difficulties I Might Face When Requesting a Refund?

Can you lose your money when backing a project, especially the ones with flexible funding? Certainly. Many successful and popular projects turned out to be scams. The product backers’ profit often isn't as good as they expected, or they don't receive anything at all. The main issue here is that Indiegogo doesn't offer any refunds if the project turns out to be a scam. You could contact the campaign owner to ask them for your money back, but they are likely to not respond or even block you.

The Fair Credit Billing Act states that consumers can dispute charges with a creditor if the merchant hasn’t provided the product or service the customer paid for. Discrepancies with the billing process or issues with the product give you the right to demand a chargeback. Your bank will investigate the claim and take your side most of the time.

Can I Take Legal Action Against Indiegogo?

If you think Indiegogo wronged you, you can take legal action against them. You don't have to do it alone—DoNotPay allows you to sue companies in small claims court with minimal effort. Don't just take our word for it, the American Bar Association awarded DoNotPay their Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access. Get the help of the world's first AI Consumer Champion and let us do the work for you.

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