All About Contacting Inmates At The Hutchins State Jail

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How to Connect With an Inmate from Hutchins State Jail

The is a male inmate state prison located in Dallas County, Texas. Hutchins State Jail currently serves mixed security levels and holds about 2,276 inmates. The Hutchins Unit houses inmates awaiting trial as well as offenders who have been sentenced. It also serves as a regional release site for offenders.

Custody levels at Hutchins Units range from J1 (Minimum J-level) to J5 (maximum level). It also includes G1, G2, and transient offenders. Inmates at the Hutchins Unit may participate in several literal courses beneficial to their time inside and outside of jail. Additionally, the Hutchins Unit also allows inmates the opportunity to connect with their loved ones via any means, such as phone calls, visitations, and mail.

Though possible, connecting with inmates in the Hutchins Unit is not entirely a walk in the park. From long processing hours to days of waiting, you may give up trying to connect with Hutchins inmates by yourself. Fortunately, with DoNotPay, the process is faster, easier, and more effective. Check out this guide on how to connect with a Hutchins Unit inmate.

The Hutchins Unit Contact Information

Physical Address1500 E Langdon Rd.

, TX 75241, US

Phone Number+1 972-225-1304

How to Connect With an Inmate From Hutchins Unit

The Hutchins State Jail allows inmates and their loved ones to connect and communicate via several supervised platforms, such as:

  • Phone Calls

During the initial intake process, inmates at the Hutchins Unit are required to establish a list of telephone numbers they can reach out to during their stay.

Unfortunately, inmates cannot receive incoming calls from outside the facility. All calls are recorded and monitored, except for calls. Generally, all phone calls are limited to 20 minutes.

To receive a call from a Texas prison, you should first register your number by reaching out to the telephone vendor via 1-866-806-7804. You can also register via their website,

  • Mails

Inmates at the Hutchins are allowed to receive mails from loved ones. Typically, all correspondence (except for matters) may be accessed and checked for contraband. All mail you write to an inmate should include the inmate's full name, the unit's address, and the inmate's Texas Department of Criminal Justice number. Below is the inmate mailing address for the Hutchins Unit:

Inmate number, ID Number

Hutchins State Jail

1500 East Langdon Road

Dallas, TX 75241.

  • In-Person Visitation

Inmates at the Hutchins unit are allowed Saturday or Sunday visits from 7:00 am-5:00 pm. However, first visits are non-contact and happen behind glass partitions. After 41 days, inmates are allowed contact visits.

How to Send Money to Inmates at Hutchins Unit

Generally, Texas inmates have access to funds deposited in their trust fund and personal commissary. Family and friends can send money to Hutchins inmates via several means, such as:

  1. Over the internet Sign up to JPay, Western Union, Touchpay, or eCommDirect to send money to an inmate.
  2. Walk-in Walk into any MoneyGram or Western Union location, including any Walmart or CVS.
  3. Over the phone Call Jpay via 1-800-574-5729, Western Union via 1-800-325-6000, or Touchpay at 1-877-868-5358.

How to Connect With a Hutchins Unit Inmate With the Help of DoNotPay

Communicating with an inmate can be challenging due to the distance, communication barriers, and strict policies in place. Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you skip the unnecessary bits and help you connect with a Hutchins Unit inmate faster. Here is how DoNotPay can help:

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  4. If you want to create a virtual mailbox, just provide your full name! We'll set one up for you so you can easily receive incoming mail from your loved one.
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