Guild Wars 2 Refunds Explained

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Everything You Need To Know About Guild Wars 2 Refunds

Launched in 2012 as a sequel to the massively popular Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 is an online multiplayer role-playing game that is produced by the South Korean video game developer NCSoft. The game is estimated to have more than 13.5 million active monthly players.

Guild Wars 2 is available to play for freeall you need to do is sign up for an account. However, buying the game gets you access to a variety of features and benefits. If you’re not exactly thrilled with the latter, you can always ask for your money back. Here’s how.

Key Aspects of the Guild Wars 2 Refund Policy

It’s possible to get a refund on Guild Wars 2. If you made the purchase directly from NCSOFT within the last 30 days, you should be eligible for a refund and receive it from the company directly.

If you purchased a physical copy of the game through an authorized retailer, you should refer to their refund policy first. If you bought from NCSoft, then you can apply on the company’s website.

The refund process involves disabling any serial codes related to that game. If you want to continue playing the Guild Wars 2 content on the same account after your refund gets processed, you will need to buy a new serial code.

Take note that not all serial code purchases will be eligible for a refund. For instance, if you’re requesting a refund for a serial code that includes gemssuch as the Path of Fire Ultimate Editionand you’ve also used those gems, a refund may no longer be possible.

How To Get a Guild Wars 2 Refund on Your Own

If you purchased from the developer directly, we’ve listed the two main ways you can get your money back from Guild Wars 2. Refer to the table for a more detailed overview of the possible methods:

Can You Request a Refund Via









In Person


Request a Game Refund on the Guild Wars 2 Website

If you bought Guild Wars 2 from the company's web store and would like a refund, you can submit your refund request online.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Fill out the refund form
  2. Select Refund Request under Reason
  3. Include your Guild Wars 2 purchase Order ID provided in the purchase receipt under Description of Issue
  4. Hit Submit

You might also be asked to provide the last four digits of your card if you paid with a credit or debit card. For transactions involving PayPal, you might need to supply the invoice ID or transaction ID from your PayPal payment history.

Request a Gem Refund on the Guild Wars 2 Website

If you bought Guild Wars 2 Gems from the Gem Store and wish to apply for a refund, you can submit a ticket to the customer support team.

Make sure to provide the following information in your request:

  • The number of gems bought
  • Your billing zip code or postal code
  • The last four digits of the credit/debit card used
  • The invoice ID or transaction ID if you paid with PayPal

If you already used up the gems, then you might not be entitled to a refund.

Get DoNotPay To Secure Your Guild Wars 2 Refund

Save yourself the hassle of applying for a refund on your own and instead allow our app to handle the job for you.

Follow these steps to kickstart your Guild Wars 2 refund request with DoNotPay:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Click on Get Protected under the File a Chargeback option
  3. Give the transaction details to our chatbot
  4. Sign the request digitally
  5. Click on Submit to send the request

Our app will then contact your bank and ask for a refund on your behalf. As stipulated by the Fair Credit Billing Act, we’ll enclose the applicable VISA and Mastercard codes and regulations to further strengthen your request.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Guild Wars 2 Refund?

The customer support team typically responds to a ticket within 24 hours of receiving it, but it could take up to 72 hours. This means you can expect your refund to be issued quickly. Several users on Reddit praised Guild Wars’ customer support for their prompt service, so here’s hoping that you don’t have to wait too long, either.

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