All About The Green State Correctional Institution

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All About The Green State Correctional Institution

is one of the 23 correctional facilities in Pennsylvania. Also known as SCI Green, the facility is rated as maximum security, supermax and was opened in 1993 with state-of-the-art features at the time that included air conditioning and cable television.

The institution is located in Franklin Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. It sits on a 128-acre site known as the Allison Tract. It has a capacity of 1,853 prisoners but, as of 2019, had about 1,717.

The facility offers various inmate programs for family, relationship and self, sex offenders, Re-entry Service office (RSO), GED, and other offense-related programs.

Where is SCI Greene Located?

The prison is located near Waynesburg off Interstate 79 and Pennsylvania Route 21. The facility is headed by superintendent Michael Zaken and deputies Mark DiAlesandro and Stephen Buzas.

The best way to get to the is by driving yourself, especially if you have the right directions.

For clarifications and other details, you can contact the facility through numerous contact options as provided. These include;

Physical AddressSCI Greene

169 Progress Drive

Waynesburg, PA 15370

Phone Number(724) 852-2902
General EmailYou can only contact the prison through third-party services like JPAY

How to Contact Inmates at Greene State Correctional Facility

You can use several methods to contact an inmate at the Greene State Correctional Facility.

  1. Physical visits at designated days and hours.
  2. Video visitation.
  3. Send Money.
  4. Mail.

The mail is opened, scanned, and then mailed back to the respective facility at the sorting facility. All mail sent to an inmate should be sent to the following address:

Smart Communications/PADOC

Inmate Name/Inmate Number


PO Box 33028

St Petersburg, FL 33733

All the mails should utilize the existing Pennsylvania DOC mail rules or be rejected.

Steps to Take Before Calling or Writing to a Prisoner

Greene State Correctional Facility is highly regulated, as are other prisons. You need to ensure you're following the right procedures to contact an inmate.

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  • Provide the details of the inmate, including the name and their state
  • Submit the request.

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