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Governor of Arkansas Phone Number + More

Getting in touch with your government representatives is a fantastic way to involve yourself in the democratic process of your community. The Governor of Arkansas can assist you with applying for a pardon, answering your questions about agencies and boards, as well as scheduling a private meeting in his office.

Here is everything you need to know about reaching Governor Hutchinson.

Who is Governor Asa Hutchinson?

Governor Asa Hutchinson was born in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1954. He graduated from Bob Jones University in 1972 and went on to study law at the University of Arkansas School of Law, graduating in 1975.

A member of the Republican party, he assumed the position of Governor of Arkansas in January 2015. He will run for re-election in 2022.

What Is the Best Way to Get In Touch with Governor Hutchinson?

Address500 Woodlane St, Little Rock, AR 72201
Official Website
EmailClick here to complete the contact form.
Senator phone numberMain office: (501) 682-2345
FaxMain office: (501) 682-1382

Is Governor Asa Hutchinson Active on Social Media?

On his official website, Governor Hutchinson lists all of his social media to stay up to date with the latest news on the state of Arkansas. You can also see any events which the governor might be attending, and any opportunities he might be promoting for the people of Arkansas throughout the year.

The governor can be reached on any of the following social media platforms:

What Services Can the Governor’s Office Assist Me with?

  • Obtaining a pardon

The Governor has the authority to issue pardons, meaning he can relieve an individual within his state of their criminal conviction and its consequences. Anyone who wants to obtain a pardon within the state of Arkansas has to go through Governor Hutchinson’s office.

  • Scheduling request

The governor can attend meetings or functions with the people of Kansas, if you would like to make an appointment with him you can fill out the following form.

  • Boards and Commissions Application for Appointment

The state of Arkansas is home to more than 350 boards and commissions, which you can be a part of. The boards are meant to address issues of social justice and wellbeing, the topics include things like juvenile justice, trauma advisory, addiction, and language pathology. To apply for an appointment to one of Arkansas’ boards or commissions you can visit this site.

  • Proclamation requests

The governor has the power to bestow certain days or weeks with a proclamation. This means that he can assign a particular day as special in honor of someone’s achievements. The occasion has to be significant amongst a large group of people. If you want to know more about requesting a proclamation you can click here.

  • Apply for an internship

Both high school and university students can apply for the Governor’s internship program. The opportunity allows them the chance to work within Governor Hutchinson’s office and gain valuable political experience. If you are interested in applying, here is the online form.

  • Apply for employment

Like any government department, the governor’s office needs the skills and assistance of dedicated staff members. If you think you meet the qualifications required to work with Governor Hutchinson, you can send an application today.

Email vs Phone Call - The Difficulty of Reaching the Governor of Arkansas

Why a phone call might not be such a great idea

Although you might think that calling is the fastest way to reach the governor’s office, the large number of calls that they receive daily can make this a lot harder than you think. Furthermore, speaking to the governor’s staff on the phone leaves room for your message to be misinterpreted once you hang up, and there’s no way to know if your concerns reached Governor Hutchinson at all.

The perfect email can be hard to write

Addressing an email to a government representative can be an intimidating process. Not only does your writing require a well-structured argument but it should also be formal, concise, and direct. Writing a poor email can hurt your chances of receiving a response from Governor Hutchinson’s office, leaving your concerns unresolved.

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How Can DoNotPay Help You Contact Governor Hutchinson Faster?

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