Former Governor Hickenlooper Contact Details

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Former Governor Hickenlooper Contact Details

Contrary to what you may know, elected representatives welcome calls and emails from their constituents. It is part of their duties to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the people who they represent. One of the many officials that you can call is either a governor or senator.

The current Colorado governor is Jared Polis. In this article, we will provide you with former governor Hickenlooper’s contact details and a to let you get in touch with the senator's office quickly and efficiently!

How to Contact Senator Hickenlooper

The Colorado senator’s office is present in different states including Washington DC, Fort Collins, Greeley, Durango, Grand Junction, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Two new offices are to open soon which are in Pueblo and Eastern Plains Mobile Office. All these offices accept phone calls on weekdays and they are open for walk-in during the days that are listed on the website only. If you require emergency assistance with a federal agency, you need to call the Denver office at 303-224-1628 or email

Senator Hickenlooper Contact Details
AddressRussell Senate Office Building

Suite SR-374

Washington, DC 20510

Social MediaFacebook


About Senator John Hickenlooper

John Wright Hickenlooper Jr. was born in February 1952 in Narberth, Pennsylvania. He attended The Haverford School and Wesleyan University where he received a bachelor of arts in English and a master's degree in Geology. He worked as a geologist for Buckhorn Petroleum in Colorado. Since then, he established a name for himself in public service and his career are as follows:

  1. 43rd Mayor of Denver: July 21, 2003 – January 11, 2011
  2. 42nd Governor of Colorado: January 11, 2011 – January 8, 2019
  3. Chair of the National Governors Association: July 13, 2014 – July 25, 2015

As a former governor, he introduced universal background checks and banned high-capacity magazines in the aftermath of the 2012 Aurora Shooting. As a senator, he was assigned to different committees including energy and natural resources, health, education, labor, and pensions, and commerce, science, and transportation, and small business and entrepreneurship.

Colorado Governor Duties and Responsibilities

The current Colorado governor is Jared Polis who was sworn into office on January 9, 2019. He was preceded by now Colorado senator John Hickenlooper who served as a governor from January 11, 2011, until January 8, 2019. Part of a governor's duties is to uphold the Colorado Constitution and ensure the execution of all laws. The governor is also the commander-in-chief of the state's militia or National Guard. In addition to these, some of the Colorado governor’s duties and responsibilities are:

  • Vetoing all bills including appropriations
  • Appointing and removing officers
  • Granting pardons except for cases of treason
  • Requiring written information from officers and managers of state offices
  • Providing details of the governor's office’s budget
  • Convening extraordinary sessions of the House or the Senate and adjourning the assembly when they disagree
  • Meeting vacancy appointment to any court of records
  • Declaring a state of emergency and issuing an executive order to relocate the seat of government if necessary
  • Appointing of field, staff, and general military officers and commissioning the officers

How to Reach Senator Hickenlooper on Your Own

Handwritten letters or emails receive more attention than voicemails or phone calls. If you're writing about a complex issue, taking the time to draft a professionally written letter is more suitable. Here are some tips to remember when contacting your elected representative:

  • Stick to one issue to tackle in your letter and state it as the subject of the email.
  • Identify yourself as a constituent as senators or governors are more receptive to receiving opinions and questions from their own voters.
  • Inquire about the policymaker’s views and how he or she plans to vote on specific legislation.
  • Stick to facts and be courteous when explaining the issue and how it affects your daily life and your community.
  • Offer constructive recommendations about how you would like the policymaker to address the issue.

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