Is It Always Necessary to Have Disclaimers in Emails?

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Is It Always Necessary to Have Disclaimers in Emails?

How many times have you scrolled down to the end of an email to briefly notice some fine print without reading it? Probably more than you can remember. If you’ve ever paid attention to what that text says, you might have noticed something like this:

This message is sent to you because your email address is on our subscriber's list. If you are not interested in receiving more emails like this one, just hit Unsubscribe.

These two sentences are a disclaimer that can be found on most newsletters and promotional emails of all sorts. There are different kinds of disclaimers for different purposes, but without this one, any bulk or spam email would be in big trouble.

Spam Email Disclaimers

In the case of spam email, disclaimers are crucial. As per the CAN-SPAM Act, all commercial messages must include the possibility to unsubscribe. While this option doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a disclaimer, it is usually considered customer-friendly to include a short text providing information on how to opt out of receiving emails from that sender.

These disclaimers often contain information on how your email address ended up on their mailing list as well. If a business doesn’t include a visible unsubscribe link, their email communication could be deemed illegal, which could lead to expensive lawsuits.

Types of Disclaimers in Email Signature

There are several disclaimer types used for different purposes. While the text of the disclaimer can vary, the intention behind it allows for categorization. Here’s an overview of the most common examples, besides unsubscribing from newsletters and commercial emails:

Disclaimer Type


The most common type which states that the email should be read just by the recipient it was sent to and no one else


This type is meant to separate personal opinions of the sender from the company’s in case of possible damages caused by the email

Often combined with the liability disclaimer and used in case of incorrect information that may cause damage


This type is often used to promote green values of companies and appeals to reduce paper waste
Virus or Security

Meant to limit liability claims in case the recipient gets a virus or malware from the sent email

Is the Confidentiality Notice on Emails ly Binding?

If a problem escalates and ends up in court, you can’t expect much from disclaimers that you put in your emails as they don’t have a binding effect. If you show your friend an email that says, “This is confidential, you must not show it to anyone” there can be no consequences as there was no real agreement beforehand.

In case you own a business and use email as a dominant form of communication, whether or not you need to include disclaimers is a different story. The United States is the country with the most precise regulations regarding this matter, with several federal acts that make the use of email disclaimers obligatory in certain cases, besides the CAN-SPAM act:

Fight Spam Emails With DoNotPay Regardless of Email Disclaimers

While the option to unsubscribe from emails is a necessity, and it can declutter your inbox, a lot of spam won’t stop there. Phishing attempts and scams of different kinds don’t abide by the rules. To protect your online safety and finances, use DoNotPay as it can stop spam emails in a blink of an eye.

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If there is a class action, you can join it and get paid once the court decides the sender is guilty. DoNotPay helps you keep track of your potential earnings and all companies and senders that you’ve blocked so far. Our users can get up to $500 from class action settlements per year since there is a lot of illegal spam out there!

Don’t forget to report email abuse and help investigators put an end to it for everyone’s sake. For your mobile needs, check how to block spam email on Android and iPhone!

DoNotPay Can Protect Your Physical Inbox as Well!

It seems that the world has moved online and that new technologies are making our old ways obsolete faster than ever. While you probably can’t remember when the last time you received a letter was, people still get snail mail.

Most of it is junk, but some important bills or documents may arrive in print, so keeping the mailbox tidy is still important. It is also not uncommon that some scammers send letters with heart-breaking scenarios or too-good-to-be-true prizes and deals that take advantage of senior citizens or more gullible folk.

DoNotPay’s protection doesn’t end with the pixels of your smartphone or laptop screens. It extends to the physical world as well, but it doesn’t require you to sacrifice your comfort. You can fight suspicious envelopes with this simple procedure:

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That’s it—as easy as reporting spam emails! You can say goodbye to unsolicited leaflets or scam attempts that serve no good. There’s no more risk of losing important letters, and you will decrease the amount of wasted paper, doing something nice for the planet!

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