All About the Craven Correctional Institution

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How to Connect With an Inmate at Craven Correctional Institution

Keeping in touch with a loved one that's incarcerated can be difficult to do. It's not as simple as picking up the phone or sending a text, and when you want to connect with an inmate at , it can be a little confusing to figure out. Fortunately, it's not impossible. Inmates at Craven Correctional are allowed to receive mail and have visitors from family and friends.

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Mailing AddressP.O. Box 839

Vanceboro, NC 28586

Street Address600 Alligator Road

Vanceboro, NC 28586

Phone Number252-244-3337

Where Is Craven Correctional Institution

Located in Vanceboro, NC, has made its home at 600 Alligator Road. The Craven County facility holds up to 850 male inmates at a time and is considered to be a medium custody institution. Craven Correctional Institution is considered to be a processing facility rather than a long-term prison, meaning that inmates can be held at the facility for short periods of time before being processed and transferred to state prison. Roughly 400 inmates are processed through the institution each month, meaning that the inmate you wish to contact may not be there for an extended period of time.

How Do I Contact Inmates at Craven Correctional Institution

Connecting with inmates differs at each facility and is dependent on what the warden allows as well as the state. At Craven Correctional Institution, both mail and visitation are allowed. In North Carolina, the N.C. Department of Public Safety has changed the way offenders are allowed to receive mail, opting to handle letters through a private company known as TextBehind. letters and packages are not handled by the company, but standard letters are to help prevent contraband out of prisons.

In order to send mail, you must address it in the following way; otherwise, it will be returned.

Offender Name and OPUS Number

Craven Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

With physical mail, your envelope must contain both the full first name and the full last name of the sender in the upper left-hand corner, or it will be returned.

When sending a letter, TextBehind will investigate all mail before the inmate receives it. This ensures that contraband and unapproved items are not mailed. Items that you cannot send to an inmate include but are not limited to:

  • Lewd or nude photos
  • Maps
  • Secret messages written in code
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Banners/Posters

TextBehind will scan all approved letters, including artwork, to the prison, and it will be printed out and delivered to the rightful inmate. Should you want the original copy of your mail back, you must:

  1. Contact TextBehind within 30 days of receipt at
  2. Pay a service fee of $2.50 to cover the costs of having the mail returned.

After 30 days, any original mail will be shredded and properly disposed of. Due to the limited time frame, it's important that you don't send important documents or photos that can't be replaced.

What to Do Before Contacting an Inmate

If you're planning to contact an inmate at Craven Correction, be certain that you verify the name is still located there before mailing anything. You'll need to obtain the individual's OPUS number, which can be done by searching the public records provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. You can use the last name, first name, gender, race, birth date, and age to narrow down your search.

When planning to visit an inmate, you'll need to schedule your visitation with the institution. You can do so by calling (252)-244-8061. Inmates must be incarcerated for 14 days before visitors are allowed unless the visitor is part of the individual's representation. Visitation at Craven happens on Saturdays from 9 am-11 am and 2 pm-4 pm and on Sundays from 9 am-11 am.

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How to Locate and Contact an Imprisoned Friend With the Help of DoNotPay

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More Services DoNotPay Offers to Help You Connect

With DoNotPay, you can learn how to connect with inmates without hassle all across the nation. To help, we've prepared a few guides that'll teach you everything from how to write letters to how to locate inmates and get in touch.

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