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How to Contact Oregon Senators

The current 117th Congress houses two Oregon senators - Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley - who represent the voices and interests of those in Oregon. This article will go over their history, current profile, and up-to-date contact details.

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About Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley

Ron Wyden

Ronald Lee Wyden was born on May 3, 1949 in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from Palo Alto High School in California and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Stanford University after transferring from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Ron later earned his law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law.

Ron first became a member of the House of Representatives for the state of Oregon in 1980, helping to shape the iconic Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which laid the foundation for freedom on the internet. He eventually won a senate election in 1996 and is currently the senior senator and the head of the senate congressional delegation for Oregon.

Ron has been married twice, first to Lauree for 20 years, and next to Nancy Wyden. He is the father of five children.

Jeff Merkley

Jeffrey Alan Merkley was born on October 24, 1956 in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Jeff had his high school education at David Douglas High School before receiving a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Stanford University in California and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

In over three decades of Jeff’s political career, he served as member and speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives for 10 years (1999 - 2009), before becoming a senator in 2009.

Jeff married Mary Sorteberg in 1992. They have two children together.

Contact Senator Ron Wyden

Office locationsPhone (P)/ Fax (F)

The Jamison Building, 131 NW Hawthorne Ave. Suite 107, Bend, OR, 97701

(541) 330-9142

405 East 8th Ave. Suite 2020, Eugene, OR, 97401

(541) 431-0229
3La Grande

SAC Annex Building,105 Fir St, Suite 201, La Grande, OR, 97850

(541) 962-7691

Federal Courthouse, 310 West 6th St, Room 118, Medford, OR, 97501

(541) 858-5122

911 NE 11th Ave. Suite 630, Portland, OR, 97232

(503) 326-7525

707 13th St. SE Suite 285, Salem, OR, 97301

(503) 589-4555
7Washington, D.C

221 Dirksen Senate Office Boulevard, Washington, D.C., 20510

P: (202) 224-5244

F: (202) 228-2717

You can also reach out to Senator Wyden through his official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram.

Contact Senator Jeff Markley

Office AddressPhone (P)/ Fax (F)
1Baker City

1705 Main Street, Suite 504, Baker City, OR 97814.

(541) 278-1129

131 NW Hawthorne Ave., Suite 208, Bend, OR 97703.

(541) 318-1298

405 East 8th Avenue, Suite. 2010, Eugene, OR 97401.

(541) 465-6750

10 South Bartlett Street, Suite. 201, Medford, OR 97501.

(541) 608-9102

121 SW Salmon Street., Ste. 1400, Portland, OR 97204.

P: (503) 326-3386

F: (503) 326-2900


500 Liberty Street SE, Suite 320, Salem, OR 97301.

(503) 362-8102
7Washington, D.C.

531 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C 20510.

P: (202) 224-3753

F: (202) 228-3997

You can also follow Senator Merkley through his official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Other government representatives in Oregon

Every issue raised or requested by a resident of the U.S usually falls under local, state, or federal jurisdiction. See a list of some other notable persons you can contact if you are an Oregon resident:

Public officialPosition held
1Kate Brown The 38th Governor of Oregon, elected in 2015 and currently serving a second tenure.
2Shemia FaganThe current Secretary of the State of Oregon.
3Peter DeFazioOregon’s 4th district representative in the 117th US Congress.
4Clifford BentzOregon’s 2nd congressional district representative.
5Suzanne BonamiciOregon’s 1st congressional district representative.

Top Reasons to Contact Oregon Senators

Here are some of the most frequent reasons people seek to get in contact with Oregon senators. You can contact your senator if you:

  • Need to purchase an authorized flag
  • Are a veteran in need of access to both state and federal veteran services like loans, healthcare, education, and training services.
  • Need permission for a tour of the federal capitol building
  • Need help with federally assisted programs like Medicaid, Social Security program, Federal stimulus package, and more.
  • Need to apply for a federal grant for individuals or small businesses
  • Want to nominate an individual for US military academy enrollment
  • Apply for senatorial internships

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