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Contact Governor Kate Brown Easily

Government representatives care about the opinions of the general population. Contacting a representative is a great way to share your opinion and to ensure that your voice is heard! This article will inform you how you can contact Governor Kate Brown, and it will introduce you to , a reliable service that can help you contact any U.S. government representative.

About Oregon Governor Kate Brown

  • Kate Brown is an American attorney and politician currently serving as the 38th governor of Oregon, a seat she has held since 2015.
  • She served as the state representative from the 13th District of the Oregon House of Representatives for three consecutive terms, from 1991 until 1997.
  • She also served three terms as the state senator from the 21st District of the Oregon Senate from 1997 until 2009.
  • She was also elected to be the Senate Democratic Leader.
  • She also served three consecutive terms as Majority Leader of the Oregon Senate from 2003 until 2009.
  • She assumed office as the 24th Oregon Secretary of State from the 5th of January 2009, until the 18th of February 2015.
  • She assumed office as the governor in 2015 upon the resignation of John Kitzhaber. She was then elected to serve the remainder of his term in the special election in 2016.
  • In 2018, Kate Brown was re-elected as the Governor of the state of Oregon.
  • Brown has made history with her electoral success:
  • In 2008, she became the first openly LGBTQ+ person to be elected a secretary of state for a state in the United States.
  • In 2016, she became the first openly LGBTQ+ person to be elected governor of a state in the United States. She was also the second woman to ever be elected the governor of Oregon.

How to Contact Governor Kate Brown?

You can always try calling a senator, a governor, or any other government representative. The following table will inform you on how you can contact Governor Kate Brown through phone, email, mail, or website:

Political PartyDemocratic
Entered Office18th of February 2015
Term Expires18th of February 2022
Main Mailing AddressOffice of the Governor 900 Court Street, Suite 254 Salem, OR 97301-4047
Main Phone Number503-378-4582
Email Address Fill out the email form found here
Social Media

Services Offered by the Governor

  1. Invite the Governor to an Event: Find out more and fill out the entire form here.
  2. Military Retirement Letter: To request a military retirement letter, fill out the form found here.
  3. Ceremonial Bill Signing Request and Policy: A brief photo opportunity of the Governor signing a bill that has already passed and was previously signed by the Governor.
    1. Approval of a request is not guaranteed, it is subject to the Governor’s availability
    2. Only legislators can make such a request
    3. Those making the request must come with their own photographer
    4. Ceremonial signings are held in the Capitol
    5. No media is allowed to be present
    6. To find out more about the policy click here, to submit a request click here

Share Your Opinion with Governor Kate Brown

The governor welcomes the residents of the state of Oregon to share their opinion of a range of topics and matters concerning the state or nation. Here is a list of topics you can contact the governor to discuss:

  1. Agriculture and Animal Welfare
  2. COVID-19 Coronavirus
  3. Economy and Jobs
  4. Education
  5. Energy
  6. Federal Issues
  7. Health Care
  8. Human and Social Services
  9. Immigration and Diversity
  10. Military and Emergency Management
  11. Natural Resources and Wildlife
  12. Public Employee Benefits
  13. Public Safety
  14. Taxes
  15. Transportation

Why It Can be Difficult to Reach Governor Kate Brown on Your Own

Reaching a United States Governor on your own is not an easy task.

If you wish to call a representative on the phone, you can follow a script to ensure that you will not forget any important details. However, keep in mind that calling a governor on the phone is not recommended. Writing an email is more convenient, as you can make sure that all the necessary details are added and your standpoints are clearly communicated. But sending an email can be intimidating as it must be professionally written so that it would be considered acceptable.

In this case, is your best option to contact the governor!

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