How to Contact Governor Ducey?

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How to Contact Governor Ducey the Easy Way

Governor Ducey is Arizona’s 23rd elected Governor, sworn into power in 2015 and currently serving a second tenure. A former Coldstone Creamery CEO, Ducey is famous for making Arizona the first US state to require all US high school students to sit for the same test for citizenship as with all immigrants to the US.

See from the table below, all the ways to contact Governor Ducey and learn to do so effectively for other senators in Arizona.

About Doug Ducey

Born Douglas Anthony Ducey in 1964, Governor Ducey is the son of Madeline Scott and her divorced husband Douglas Roscoe Sr. The 23rd Governor of Arizona grew up in Toledo, Ohio with his mother, and was eventually adopted by a new step-father. Ducey attended St. John's Jesuit High School and afterwards secured a degree in Finance from Arizona State University.

Before becoming governor, Doug Ducey had worked at Henley & Co, Procter and Gamble, and Cold Stone Creamery, which he co-founded. From 2010 to 2015, Ducey was Arizona’s State Treasurer.

Contact Governor Ducey

There are nine specific departments under the office of the governor of Arizona. See each department's contact details below:

OfficeAddressPhone FaxEmail
1Arizona-Mexico Commission100 N 7th Ave Suite 400 Phoenix, AZ 85007602 5421370602 542
2Arizona Department of Homeland Security1700 West Washington Street, Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ 85007602 5427013602 542-1729_
3Boards & Commissions1700 West Washington Street, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ, 85007602 542
4Constituent Services1700 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

602 542 4331

520 628 6580

5Education1700 West Washington Street, Suite 503, Phoenix, AZ, 85007___
6Equal Opportunity100 North Fifteenth Avenue, Suite 401 Phoenix, Arizona, 85007602 542 3411602 542
7Office of Youth, Faith & Family1700 West Washington Street, Suite 230, Phoenix, AZ, 85007602 542 4043__
8Office on Tribal Relations1700 West Washington Street, Suite 235, Phoenix, AZ, 85007602 542 4426602 542
9Strategic Planning & Budgeting1700 West Washington Street, 6th Floor,

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

602 542 5381602 542 0868_

Other notable elected government officials you can contact are:

  • Senator Mike Kelly is Arizona’s current senator at the 117th US Congress
  • Senator Krysten Sinema is Arizona’s current senator at the 117th US Congress
  • Kerry Muehlenbeck is Arizona’s appointed military leader
  • Justice Mark Brnovich is Arizona's Attorney-General of six years

What Does Governor Ducey’s Office Offer?

As a border town to Mexico, Arizona has one of the most active state departments of homeland security. Governor Ducey prioritizes education, security, and employment within the state and works to serve the residents of Arizona. Here are some other issues you can get solved when you contact the office. You can:

  • Report an immigration crisis
  • Request fishing and hunting licenses
  • Request ombudsman services
  • Submit nominees for the state judiciary
  • Schedule a meeting with the governor or first lady
  • Apply for the governor internship program
  • Apply for a tour of the government building
  • Apply for and renew a driver's license and register vehicles
  • Register as a voter

Need Help Contacting Doug Ducey?

When contacting a public official, it is always advised to be formal to increase your chances of a response. If you want to get in touch with the governor as a group or an individual, you should do your best to prepare your complaint, proposal, or report beforehand to avoid sounding unprofessional.

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