Contacting the Mayor of Chicago Easily

Contact Government Representatives Contacting the Mayor of Chicago Easily

Contacting the Mayor of Chicago

Contacting your representatives directly can be tricky, and contact information can be hard to find for officials. No matter how high up, though, elected officials are there to represent your interests, and to hear your ideas and concerns.

Talking directly to the mayor can be a good way to get your ideas out there, or weigh in on municipal matters such as parks, education, or social programs. To get in contact with Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot, check out our easy instructions below.

Who is Lori Lightfoot?

Lightfoot has been the mayor of Chicago since 2019, and her platform emphasizes social justice and equality. She was most recently a senior equity partner at the Litigation and Conflict Resolution Group at Mayer Brown LLP. She has also served as President of the Chicago Police Board, which led to her appointment as Chair of the Police Accountability Task Force, where she worked on analysis and recommendations to improve equitable police practices and end police misconduct. She also worked on cases of excessive police force during her time as Chief Administrator of the Office of Professional Standards and has used her legal expertise to improve policing practices on a whole.

She aims to:

  • Invest in neighborhoods
  • End violence
  • Improve Education
  • Make Chicago safe for undocumented immigrants
  • Police Reform
  • Economic Justice and Water Justice

What does a mayor do?

  • Serves as the administrative head
  • Serves on city council
  • Assigns council-members or citizens to chair or serve on committees or boards
  • Some mayors have veto power— the Chicago mayor, however, does not due to their “weak” municipal mayoral structure

What issues can they address?

  1. Education
  2. Housing
  3. Municipal budgeting
  4. Parks and recreation
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Health and wellness services

How to Contact Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago?

Please note Mayor Lightfoot’s Twitter and website are officially run by associated officials, and not by the Mayor herself.

Mode of Contact Who runs this mode of contact? Information
Email Address Mayor’s Office
Email Address Lightfoot Campaign Team
Phone Number City Hall 311 (within Chicago), 312.744.5000 (outside of Chicago)
Twitter City Employees @chicagosmayor
Instagram Mayor and Press Team @chicagosmayor
Facebook Unspecified Lori Lightfoot 

Contacting your representative:

Figure out the best means of communication.

To find out the best way to contact your specific representative, check out our guide here. Learn more about the efficacy of phoning your representative here. For Mayor Lightfoot, the most direct way appears to be by email address.

Find their contact info or number.

DoNotPay has many resources that provide this information, or it can be found online. For our list of senator phone numbers, look here. For the house of representatives, try here.

Mayor Lightfoot can then be contacted at

If you are calling, try perfecting your argument with a script.

For email, keep in mind that your tone should be professional, you should immediately address the issue, and offer clear steps that you would like your representative to take. Check out our provided script for phone calls. For advice on writing professional emails to your representatives, check out this guide.

Why It Can Be Difficult to Reach Mayor Lightfoot on Your Own

City officials are often busy with daily scheduling and tasks, and often these office numbers go to a voicemail or secretary. The most direct phone number provided by Mayor Lightwood is the general number for the City of Chicago and requires several more redirects before even allowing one to reach the mayor’s office, let alone the mayor.

This means that phone messages are not reliable ways to make contact, as the representative may not even be the one listening, receiving, or sorting through these messages. Further, often there are no direct lines that are easily accessible, and phone contact can require long holds and a number of internal steps.

Writing an email can be time-consuming, and frustrating if you receive no response. Arguments have to be professionally written and posed in a persuasive way to catch the attention of the representative and have to stand out from many other emails to be dealt with in a timely manner.

How can DoNotPay simplify this process for you?

DoNotPay works for the people and helps make contact with a representative that much easier. Our AI lawyer will help you identify which representative will be most pertinent to your specific issue, and generate a professional message to get your voice heard as soon as possible.

We are here to help you set aside the layers of bureaucracy and more efficiently contact your representative. All you need to do is:

1. Click “Contact Representative/Legislator” on DoNotPay.
Figure out which representative is best for you. DoNotPay provides detailed information on government officials and their stances, issues, and governmental powers.


2. Choose your representative of choice from our list.
Ex: Mayor, Senator, House Representative, Governor, President, etc.


3. Tell us what drove you to contact your representative and their desired action.


You’re done! DoNotPay’s system will create a coherent and professional message on your behalf, and make sure to get it to your representative as soon as possible.

DoNotPay Does It All!