How to Change My Mailing Address with Chase Bank?

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How to Change Your Chase Bank Mailing Address Without Hassle

Chase Bank is a consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, a U.S. multinational banking and financial services holding company. Chase bank offers all financial services, including credit cards, commercial banking, investing & retirement planning.

A valid mailing address is one of the requirements for getting any services from Chase bank to act as identity proof and allows the bank to communicate with you through physical mail. You are required to update your mailing address in case of relocation or a temporary change of residence.

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Do I Need to Change My Mailing Address?

Changing your mailing address is recommended if you are moving to a new residence permanently or temporarily away from home. You can change your mailing address when traveling, but staying in one place for at least one week.

Applications for changing a mailing address are not processed instantly. Therefore, if you need to have your mailing address ready for use on the day you move, you should send your application at least two weeks before moving.

You can only change your mailing address through USPS. USPS does not recommend changing your mailing address through third parties to avoid fraud. To change your mailing address, you can fill out a form online or visit a USPS office.

Fill Out a Form Online

Filling an official USPS Change of Address® form online is the easiest and fastest way to change your mailing address. To access the form:

  1. Log onto the official USPS website
  2. Scroll down to the 'Time for a Move' section
  3. Click on 'Get Started'; you will be redirected to another page where you get to fill out the form

Here are details that you should fill out in the USPS Change of Address® form:

  • Your full name
  • Active email address
  • Is it an individual, family or business that is changing the address
  • Active phone number
  • Type of phone you are using
  • Specify whether it is a temporary or permanent move
  • The date you are ready to receive mail in your new residence
  • The physical address of your old and new home

NOTE: The information you provide is protected by the law and will not be used for anything other than changing your address unless you consent.

After fulfilling all the requirements and finishing the process, USPS will email you or send physical mail to confirm your new address.

Visit a USPS Office

If you cannot change your mailing address online, you can walk into the nearest USPS office near you and have a postal officer help you with the process. Inside the office, ask for a Mover's Guide packet from the teller.

The Mover's Guide packet contains a PS Form 3575, which you should fill in and give back to the teller or drop into the letter mail slot inside the post office. Once the address changes are successful, you will receive a confirmation mail through your new or old address, depending on the date.

Changing a mailing address is not a charged service. However, you need an active email account and $1.10 paid to USPS to prove your identity and prevent fraud.

If your application for a change in mailing address does not work, you may contact USPS through the following:

Customer Service1-800-275-8777
Online FormUSPS Complaints Forum

Alternatively, you can use the DoNotPay File a Complaint product for a faster application.

How Do I Change Chase Bank Mailing Address?

It is important that you update your mailing address with Chase bank to minimize the risk of the bank sending your account statements and other personal banking information to your old address. This can further expose you to identity theft or fraud.

You can change your mailing address after you move in the following steps:

  1. Log onto Chase Bank's official website or open the Chase Bank mobile app
  2. Log into your user account
  3. Click on "Profile and Settings"
  4. Make and save changes

Alternatively, you can contact Chase customer service at 1-800-935-9935 and update your mailing address through a call.

How to Change Chase Bank Mailing Address With the Help of DoNotPay

Changing your mailing address through the official USPS methods takes up to 10 working days. If you are late to apply for the changes or have an impromptu relocation, your mail might get lost by being mailed to your old address.

If you want to file a change of address but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

  1. Tell us the new address and when you want to start forwarding your mail.

  2. Tell us who is moving (is it just you, your family, or your business).

  3. Select whether it's a temporary move or permanent.

  4. Add the option to extend your mail forwarding period beyond 12 months (you can get your mail delivered from your old address for up to 2.5 years)

  5. And that's it! DoNotPay will take care of the rest on your behalf. You should receive a confirmation email from USPS after your request is completed.

DoNotPay helps you change your mailing address within minutes of application. You can also change your mailing addresses for Informed Delivery, Social Security, and DMV in the same way.

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