The Fastest Way to Change Your Mailing Address in Colorado

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Easily Change Your Colorado Mailing Address with USPS

The United States Postal Service processed nearly 36 million change of address requests last year. Over half of those were initiated online. If you've changed your address with USPS due to relocation in 2020, you're one of a quarter million Coloradans who moved. It's not that is such a convoluted process, but you do have to present certain documentation to effect the change. So it can be a pain to find what you need.

Changing your address with USPS is just the first step in the world of an address change. Don't forget that you will need to change your documents like your license as well. DoNotPay can help you with all your address change needs, including stuff like notifying social security.

A Quick Rundown of the Many Places Needing Your Change Your Address

The USPS is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to notifying other business entities about your new address. Relocation is the first on the list of changes with documents that affect your life coming next.


  • Temporary relocation within Colorado
  • Temporary relocation out of state
  • Permanent relocation within Colorado
  • Permanent relocation out of the state
  • Business change of address within Colorado
  • Business change of address out of state

The Other "Stuff" Like Documents:

Driver's license/PassportUtilities
Mortgage company/TitlesCredit cards
Social securityEmployment/Union

This isn't a comprehensive list. You should make a list of all the places that send you snail mail and make sure that they get notified of your address changes too.

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Change of Address With USPS?

The consensus is to notify the post office of your change of address within two weeks of your move. It takes about five business days to get a confirmation letter. The USPS will forward your mail up to 12 months for a permanent address change and 15 days for a temporary change.

Other offices have other deadlines. For instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles (the DMV) requires you notify them at least 30 days ahead of time.

How Much Does it Cost to File a Change of Address?

It's free to change your address with the USPS. The exception is if you change it online. The fee is currently $1.05.

Beware of lookalike USPS sites charging upwards of $100 to change your address for you. These sites are fraudulent. The USPS will never charge you more than $1.05 (unless the current rate changes, but it will never amount to the fraudulent fees).

How to Change Your Address in Colorado On Your Own

The steps to change your address in person at the USPS are:

  1. Obtain PS Form 3575.
  2. Add dates if the Change of Address (COA) is temporary.
  3. Check the box whether the COA is for an individual, a family or a business.
  4. Fill out the name of the business.
  5. Fill out your new address.
  6. Fill out your old address.
  7. Add your email address.
  8. Hit submit.

You can digitally preview your mail with USPS informed delivery if you're eligible. You'll know exactly when your mail will start arriving at your new address!

DoNotPay Makes Changing Your Colorado Address Simple

If you want to file a change of address but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

1. Tell us the new address and when you want to start forwarding your mail

2. Tell us who is moving (is it just you, your family, or your business)

3. Select whether it's a temporary move or permanent

4. Add the option to extend your mail forwarding period beyond 12 months (you can get your mail delivered from your old address for up to 2.5 years)

5. And that's it! DoNotPay will take care of the rest on your behalf. You should receive a confirmation email from USPS after your request is completed.

By the Way, DoNotPay Isn't Just for Changing Your Address

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