How to Cancel ILoveKickBoxing Membership

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How to Cancel ILoveKickboxing Membership With DoNotPay

ILoveKickboxing is a fitness franchise aiming to help people get a lean and trained body, not with a diet, but with an intense mix of traditional exercises and martial arts training.

Many members praise the workout routine and its results, but the rocky road to membership termination is a feat in its own right.

How Can I Cancel ILoveKickboxing on My Own?

If other members’ experience is anything to go by, the membership cancelation process at ILoveKickboxing is complicated.

There is no information posted on their website about the cancelation procedure, and the FAQ page is not more helpful either. The studios are individually owned, so you will have to contact your local studio and inquire about it.

In case you decide to take the bull by the horns and attempt to cancel on your own, there are three ways that might work:

  1. In-person
  2. Via phone
  3. Via email

Alternatively, you can use our app to cancel your membership for you.

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website (or another alternative method)


Whatever route you decide to take, make sure to do the following:

  • Provide the representative with your name, member number, and the cancelation reason
  • If in some locations instructors don’t have the power to authorize your cancelation, contact the headquarters and clearly express your wish to cancel
  • Confirm that your membership has been canceled and that you are no longer being billed
  • Retain copies of correspondence with ILoveKickboxing if you contacted them via email

Note that if you fail to get any information from your local studio, you can reach out to the main office in New York:

Address: 1844 Lansdowne Ave Merrick,

NY 11566

Phone: (516) 882-7182


DoNotPay Cancels ILoveKickboxing Quickly

If dealing with customer service reps at ILoveKickboxing is too much for you or if no one responds to your request, we are willing to help you.

Our DoNotPay virtual assistant has automated the cancelation process and made it smooth and cost-effective.

You can give it a try by accessing our app from any and following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Enter ILoveKickboxing as the service you want to cancel

We will notify you once we have terminated your membership with ILoveKickboxing.

If you opt to link your email and bank accounts to our app, you can use another feature of ours. DoNotPay can go through all your subscriptions and identify the ones you pay for regularly yet don’t use. We will advise you on your next course of action, and if you so decide, we can cancel the underused services for you.

Is ILoveKickboxing Giving You a Hard Time?

Perhaps you’d like to teach ILoveKickboxing a lesson about properly treating customers by suing them in small claims court.

If you tried to reach them regarding cancelation and got no response, yet you are still billed regularly, you should not tolerate it any longer. With your DoNotPay virtual lawyer’s help, you can build a case against ILoveKickboxing and fight for your customer rights.

Alternatives to ILoveKickBoxing

If you are looking for ILoveKickboxing fitness alternatives, check out some of the most popular in the table below.





The price can vary by location, but the average cost for:
  • Orange Basic is $59/month for four classes
  • Orange Elite is $99/month for eight classes
  • Orange Premier is $159 for an unlimited number of classes
  • Classes are designed for all fitness levels


  • Some gyms charge initiation between $50 and $200
  • Depending on the membership plan, you can pay anywhere between $80 and $100 a month
  • Workout tailored to each member’s fitness level

DoNotPay Is Always by Your Side

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