Cancel H2O Wireless in a Few Easy Steps

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Drowning in H2O—How To Cancel H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless is a U.S. prepaid phone and mobile internet service based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Nationwide coverage and affordable prices make it an attractive option for prepaid users, but the company has had multiple controversies surrounding its service.

H2O is notorious for using deceptive practices such as hiding fees during the signup process and having a non-responsive customer support team. One Redditor couldn’t come into contact with customer support to transfer to another service.

Canceling an H2O plan is one of those tasks that might end up being harder than it should be. You can use DoNotPay to circumvent bad customer support and cancel H2O within minutes.

How To Cancel H2O Wireless on Your Own

You can use two different methods to cancel your H2O Wireless plan:

  1. Phoning H2O Wireless customer service
  2. Disabling AutoPay on the H2O website

Cancel H2O Wireless via Phone

H2O Wireless customer service reps can cancel your recurring subscription over the phone. Here’s how you can request a cancellation:

  1. Dial 1-800-643-4926 or 611 from your H2O Wireless device
  2. Request to speak to an agent
  3. Confirm that you wish to cancel your H2O plan

The cancellation will take effect immediately.

Cancel H2O Wireless Online

You can also cancel your recurring payment plan from your H2O account on the official website. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the H2O website
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Navigate to the My Account page
  4. Check the Un-enroll box

H2O will send you an email to confirm that your account is canceled. If the email doesn’t arrive, consider calling customer service, or use DoNotPay to unsubscribe quickly.

You can find different ways to cancel your H2O plan below:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonNo

Use DoNotPay To Cancel H2O in Minutes

You could spend quite some time on canceling H2O on your own—or you could let DoNotPay do it for you. Our handy AI Consumer Champion app will take care of any unwanted subscription in no time. Here’s how you can use it to cancel your H2O prepaid plan:

  1. Access DoNotPay in your
  2. Go to the Find Hidden Money tab
  3. Enter H2O in the text box
  4. Confirm that you want to cancel the subscription

DoNotPay will take care of the rest. We’ll make sure that you don’t get billed by H2O again.

Ever wondered if there’s an old subscription you forgot about but keep paying for? We can solve this issue too. Connect our app to your email or bank account, and we will detect which services you’re subscribed to. You can choose to cancel the ones you don’t need anymore.

Does H2O Offer Prorated Refunds Upon Cancellation?

After you cancel, H2O won’t give you a prorated refund for unused plan balances.

Where Can I Find an Alternative to H2O Wireless?

If you want to continue using a prepaid service after canceling H2O, you might want to take a look into some potential alternatives. Compare the prices and benefits of H2O’s competitors and see if they match your needs:

Mint Mobile3GB data—$15 per month

Unlimited data—$30 per month

  • All plans include free 5G
  • No speed caps
Google Fi$20 per line + $10 per GB of data per month
  • Works in 200+ supported countries
  • No daily fees for calls while abroad
Visible$40 per line
  • Uses Verizon network
  • Unlimited talk, text, and LTE data with no speed cap

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me With?

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After you’ve canceled unwanted subscriptions, we can make it easier to request refunds. Ever wanted to get a PayPal refund but didn’t know how to do it? DoNotPay will make it a breeze.

Many free trials auto-renew into paid subscriptions once they run out. To avoid paying for a subscription you don’t want, use DoNotPay’s virtual credit card. There’s no money on the card, so you won’t be charged once the free trial is over.

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