How to Cancel Dallas Morning News

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Cancel Dallas Morning News Subscription Fast!

The Dallas Morning News is a daily newspaper distributing digital and printed editions to people living in North Texas. The company’s daily printed and digital issues are made available to their subscribers, and the number of them currently counts around 271,900 each day.

How to Cancel Dallas Morning News?

You can create and manage your subscription online through your Dallas Morning News Account page, but you cannot use the website to cancel your subscription.

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Company website


The only method to cancel your Dallas Morning News Subscription is to contact their Customer Service over the phone.

Here are the steps to find the Customer Service number:

  1. Go to the Dallas Morning News website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Click Contact Us in the footer section
  4. Scroll down until you reach the Cancel Your Subscription heading
  5. Pick your state from the drop-down list

Once you select your state, the website will provide you with the contact numbers and working hours of the Customer Service.

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That's it! We will notify you as soon as your subscription to Dallas Morning News has been canceled.

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Does the Dallas Morning News Subscription Renew Automatically?

The Dallas Morning News subscription renews each month, meaning that your card will get charged the amount corresponding to the package you subscribed to.

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Different Daily Newspaper You Can Find in Dallas

If you are not happy with Dallas Morning News, here are some alternative editions that you might be interested in:




Dallas Observer

  • Daily digital and print editions
  • Weekly print editions every Thursday


Dallas Weekly

  • Weekly printed editions
  • Daily digital editions

$60 per year

Is There an Option to Pause My Dallas Morning News Subscription?

You can pause your Dallas Morning News subscription by scheduling a temporary halt. This is generally used to suspend the delivery of printed editions during your vacation days.

You can request a suspension of delivery in two ways:

  • Using Vacation Stop option—You can do this online through the Settings page on your account
  • Calling customer service—You can accomplish this by dialing 214-745-8383. Either an agent or an automated assistant will answer and guide you through the process

With both of these options, you can set the number of days you want to pause the delivery for.

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