How to Cancel CLEAR Membership Hassle-Free

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How to Cancel Your CLEAR Membership

If you travel frequently or go to a lot of sporting events you might have seen information about . CLEAR is a monthly subscription service that makes it easier to get through security at airports and some stadiums.

Not all airports have CLEAR set up. If you are not traveling as much or have found that the time saved by CLEAR isn't worth it (or are starting to get nervous about the potential privacy issues of having your biometrics on file, then you might want to cancel your membership.

As everyone knows, though, companies will do everything to hold on to your money. DoNotPay can help you cancel your CLEAR membership, and also various other subscriptions including Epoch Payments, Planet Fitness, Massage Envy, Sirius XM, Xbox Live and CVS Carepass.

How to Cancel CLEAR

CLEAR's official cancellation process is actually quite straightforward, as described on their website.

The only way to cancel, however, is:

  • Log in to your account from the portal.
  • Go to membership details.
  • Select the "Cancel" button.
  • Confirm in the follow up prompt.

They claim they will refund you any remaining full months left on your subscription.

If you can’t log in, you should contact CLEAR through the following channels:

Support Hotline1-855-CLEARME

Potential Problems When Canceling CLEAR Membership

CLEAR has a good reputation for canceling membership. However, while canceling your membership will get you a refund and keep you from being charged, it does not remove your information from their database.

There are two ways to make sure your information is removed from CLEAR:

  1. Send them an email request at
  2. Write a letter of request

Attention: Chief Privacy Officer

65 East 55th Street, 17th Floor, New York, New York 10022

Unless you have the intent to renew your membership in the future, make sure to send that request to remove personal information from their database. Remember that CLEAR holds some highly personal information that you might want to be particularly careful with.

Doing this extra step is key to protecting your privacy. If they are being difficult about removing your information, DoNotPay can help by sending demand letters or even helping you take them to court. Hopefully that will not be necessary, but given the wide range of information CLEAR holds, including biometrics, social security numbers, passport numbers, and health information, it's particularly important to ensure that they do not hold on to your information for years after you stop using the service. Even if CLEAR can be trusted, there is always the risk of a data breach.

DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card Stops Free Trials Before You're Charged

At $179 a year, CLEAR's service is not cheap. However, they offer a full year free trial. This trial can easily be canceled, although you have to email them (don't forget to ask them to remove your information), which makes it easy to forget, especially for a service you may use infrequently.

In fact, CLEAR is exactly the kind of service people sign up for to try and then forget they did. One safeguard to keep from being charged is to use DoNotPay's Free Trial Card product. This allows you to sign up using a virtual credit card, which will look completely real until they try to charge it. Then it will show up as having no available balance, typically resulting in the service being canceled. If you decide to keep the service you can simply go in before the due date and switch it for a valid card.

Have DoNotPay Cancel Your CLEAR Subscription

If you are having difficulty canceling, particularly if you have lost your password and are unable to log in to your account, DoNotPay can help. We can also help you get your personal information removed from CLEAR's database and make sure you get any refund you might be entitled to.

You can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

DoNotPay will make sure your service is canceled. It's fast, easy, and far more likely to be successful. You won't have to worry about additional charges showing up on your card that you then have to dispute. And, as mentioned, we can make sure you get your refund.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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DoNotPay is easy, fast, and successful! Let us take care of these problems so you can get right on with planning your next trip or your next staycation.

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