How To Cancel Buyers Advantage

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Don’t Let Anyone Take Advantage of You! Cancel Buyers Advantage Fast

Buyers Advantage offers services that provide the customers with warranty extensions to their manufacturer’s warranties. The company’s focus is purchase protection for the buyers. You can cancel your subscription with Buyers Advantage at any time, and DoNotPay will help with that!

How To Cancel Your Buyers Advantage Membership Manually

If you are not content with your Buyers Advantage membership, you can cancel it on your own. To do so, you’ll need to go through the tedious process of contacting the company’s customer service. These are your options:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
Company's WebsiteNo
In PersonNo

How To Cancel Your Buyers Advantage Membership Over the Phone

You have the option of canceling your Buyers Advantage membership over the phone. If you opt for this cancellation choice, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Call 1-800-553-4948
  2. Give the customer rep all the info about your account
  3. Let them know that you want to end your membership
  4. Follow any further instructions

How To Cancel Your Buyers Advantage Membership by Email

If you’d rather write your message down, you can send an email to the Buyers Advantage customer support. Follow these directions:

  1. Draft a formal email
  2. Include all the info about your account
  3. Write down that you want to terminate your membership
  4. Send the email to

You should wait for the response and see if there are any other steps you need to take to finalize the cancellation process.

How To Cancel Your Buyers Advantage Membership by Letter

Buyers Advantage allows its users to contact their customer care reps by letter. If you want to terminate your membership this way, you should heed these instructions:

  1. Write the message in a formal style
  2. Add the reason for writing
  3. Include the important info about your account
  4. Address the letter properly
  5. Send the letter to Buyers Advantage, P.O. Box 41220, Nashville, TN 37204

You should bear in mind that this type of correspondence is the most time consuming, and you’ll need to wait for the company’s response for a few days. Once you receive the reply, you’ll see if there’s anything else you need to do to cancel your membership.

If you cancel your membership during the 30-day trial, you won’t be charged any additional fees.

DoNotPay Is the Easy Way To Cancel Buyers Advantage

Cancel your Buyers Advantage membership using DoNotPay, and don’t stress about contacting the customer service of the company. We make termination of subscriptions easy, and you only need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Click on the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Type in Buyers Advantage in the text box

We’ll notify you as soon as the process is completed.

Available Alternatives to Buyers Advantage

If you cancel your Buyers Advantage membership, you should check out some other available options. Take a look at these companies and see if they might fit your needs:

ExtendDepends on various factors (in agreement with the company)
  • Ensured product protection
  • Tailored coverage
OnPointDetermined after consulting the company
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Extensive experience in their field of work

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