Cancel American Gun Association Membership

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How to Cancel American Gun Association Membership in No Time

American Gun Association, sometimes shortened to AGA, was created with the aim to unite firearm enthusiasts by sharing news, insights, and knowledge on owning and using weapons for recreational purposes. If the organization failed to meet your expectations, here’s how you can cancel your American Gun Association before you can say knife.

Ways to Cancel American Gun Association on Your Own

If you don't like what AGA has in store for you or you’ve signed up for a membership accidentally, you have only two ways to unsubscribe from the Association manually:

  • Calling the organization on the phone
  • Sending American Gun Association an email

How to Contact the American Gun Association by Phone

Whenever you wish to cancel your AGA subscription, you can talk to the Association’s representatives by taking these steps:

  1. Dial +1 (512) 782-4624
  2. Bear with the phone queue until you reach someone to talk to
  3. Request to cancel your membership when a real person answers the call

How to Send American Gun Association an Email

If you’re uncomfortable with canceling your membership over a phone call, you can send the American Gun Association an email. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Compose your cancelation request in an email
  2. Send the message to
  3. Wait for the Association to respond and confirm your cancelation

How to Cancel the American Gun Association Membership the Quickest Way

Calling customer services can take painful hours of waiting out the phone queues, and sitting patiently while the company responds to your email request can take even longer than that. Why bother with any of these options when you can be unsubscribed from the American Gun Association membership in no time with the help of DoNotPay?

You only need to access DoNotPay from your and you’re good to go. To get rid of the renewed AGA subscription, you just have to:

  1. Go to the Find Hidden Money option on your DoNotPay dashboard
  2. Type in American Gun Association as the service you want to end

And that’s that—no questions asked, no deals offered to make you stay a member of the organization.

You can also connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay so that we can end all the subscriptions you’re no longer using and help you save some money.

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Does the American Gun Association Offer a Free Trial?

The American Gun Association does not offer a free trial period to potential members. You can keep track of many of its deals on merchandise that include offers to sign up as a free member for a certain time.

You can also change your membership status and explore the different options the organization offers on your member portal.

Having Trouble Reaching the Company?

DoNotPay customer service

We understand if your head starts hurting upon a mere thought of having to contact customer support services. We’re here to tell you you don’t need to sit through the long phone queues ever again.

Our AI Consumer Champion can contact any customer service on your behalf, so you can jump the insufferable queues and speak with the companies’ agents when they actually pick up.

To get a quick overview of how this feature works, as well as of how you can cancel services with DoNotPay, check out this table with some of the most popular companies and learn how DoNotPay can help you get through to them:

Contacting the Company

Canceling Your Membership
Amazon customer service hacks

Cancel Amazon Prime

Dell support

Cancel Starz subscription
Rockstar customer support

Cancel World of Warcraft (WoW)

American Gun Association Snatched Your Money Without Consent?

If you feel you’ve been tricked into a paid American Gun Association membership, you would not be the first person to whom that has happened.

Here are only several issues people experience with AGA:

  • The company is not responding to complaints
  • Bought merchandize is never delivered
  • The company starts charging customers for a membership when they only bought their product

All these issues are far from okay when it comes to how AGA can treat its users. If you have encountered a similar problem, don’t hesitate to take action against the Association. DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to them in small claims court.

Here’s Everything Else You Can Use DoNotPay for

Canceling automated subscriptions and memberships for you comes as easy as breathing for our AI Consumer Champion—but in no way is that the only service DoNotPay has to offer.

Opening a DoNotPay account on your is doing yourself a giant favor because we come to the aid readily when you meet with difficulties with:

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