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How To File Best Buy Complaints and Get Compensation

Best Buy is a popular store for televisions, appliances, and other electronics. There are 1,500 Best Buy stores in the U.S., and the company has an annual revenue of $30 billion.

While it's a shopper's paradise on paper, getting a refund from Best Buy is not always easy, even if the TV or a car stereo you bought doesn't work properly.

Best Buy has been criticized for failing to provide customer satisfaction. Most complaints against the company emphasize that Best Buy does not take responsibility for fulfilling its promises and obligations and that they keep customers waiting on the phone for long periods of time.

Best Buy has also come under criticism for not having enough money-saving deals and promotions, which is one of the most popular features among competitors.

If you've encountered an issue with Best Buy, this article will show you how to file a complaint with the company.

If you can't get your issue resolved by contacting their customer service, you’ll also learn how to file official complaints against Best Buy and even send demand letters to the company in small claims court.

How To File Best Buy Consumer Complaints

If you have a complaint about an item you bought from Best Buy or about the service you received in one of their stores, you can contact the company's customer support by calling 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289).

The standard waiting times are typically long (15–30 minutes) and you could be transferred from one representative to another.

The customer representatives are typically not trained in handling Best Buy complaints and may be completely unaware of how to resolve your issue. In the past, some Best Buy employees repeatedly stated that their company doesn't have a customer service department.

The representatives can explain the different procedures for filing complaints about different products and services, such as a warranty or a complaint about a faulty product. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to make several phone calls until you reach someone higher up on the corporate ladder (e.g., a district manager).

Unfortunately, there is no alternative way to contact the company since Best Buy doesn't provide a customer support email address on their website. Even if you try to reach out to Best Buy using one of the forms on the official support page, your only options will be to “Find a Store” or call the customer service.

How To Contact Best Buy Customer Service
Website Best Buy Support U.S.
EmailNot Available
TwitterBest Buy Support

How To File a Complaint Against Best Buy With the Better Business Bureau

If the customer support representatives can't help you with your issue, you might want to consider filing an informal complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

To file a complaint with the BBB, fill out the online form on their website. After you file a complaint, the Bureau will conduct an investigation. The Bureau will also contact Best Buy and ask for its version of the events.

If the BBB finds that Best Buy has violated any law or the BBB's Code of Ethics, it could take further action, such as initiating a lawsuit.

The customer's success in filing a lawsuit against the retailer may have far-reaching implications on other customers and may even prevent them from purchasing from Best Buy for years to come.

Please note that the BBB is not an enforcement agency. The Bureau can mediate in the dispute but cannot force Best Buy to take any action or resolve your complaint.

How To Send demand letters to Best Buy In Small Claims Court

If all else fails, there is one avenue you can pursue that Best Buy cannot ignore—filing a lawsuit against them in small claims court.

If you want to send demand letters to Best Buy for the damages you suffered due to the company's negligence or poor business practices, you first need to draft a demand letter.

The demand letter must be clear and concise, as well as detail all of the facts related to your dispute with the company. The letter will ask the other party to accept responsibility for their actions, make a full apology and provide compensation for your losses.

Next, you'll need to draft an official complaint that explains the particulars of your case. The complaint must contain the following information:

  1. The name and address of the defendant (Best Buy, Inc., 7601 Penn Avenue, South Richfield, MN)
  2. A description of the dispute and a brief explanation of what happened
  3. Your claims against the defendant (Always provide details)
  4. The grounds on which you’re suing Best Buy (e.g., contract breach or fraud)
  5. The damages you want to be compensated for

Depending on your state, you might be able to file the complaint through the court's online form or you might be required to visit the small claims court and file the complaint in person.

You can gather more information on the small claims court process by contacting the clerk's office of your local court or visiting the Federal Judicial Center's website.

DoNotPay Can Help You Send demand letters to Best Buy in Small Claims Court in Minutes

Filing a lawsuit against any company is usually an arduous process that can drag on for months.

On top of filing all the required court documentation, writing a professional demand letter, and filing an official complaint, you’d also have to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Most people give up on the idea due to the time investment and court fees associated.

That’s why DoNotPay offers you a much faster, easier, and more affordable alternative! With our award-winning app, you don’t want to go through the complex process or waste thousands on lawyers.

DoNotPay can help you draft a professional demand letter and fill out all the court paperwork in minutes!

Here’s all you need to do to send demand letters to Best Buy in small claims court with DoNotPay:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your and select the Complaint Letters product
  2. Enter how much money you are owed by the company
  3. Tell us the reason for your lawsuit
  4. Answer a few questions from our chatbot
  5. Provide any evidence that will help us build your case

It really is that simple! We will draft the demand letter and send it to Best Buy on your behalf, putting pressure on the company to resolve your complaint.

If you don’t receive a response in the allotted time (two weeks) or if the company rejects your request, we’ll help you fill out the required court forms, so you can escalate the issue and file a lawsuit against Best Buy in small claims court.

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