What You Didn’t Know About Barclaycard Miles Transfers

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What You Didn’t Know About Barclaycard Miles Transfers

The Barclaycard from Lufthansa is known for being especially appealing to travelers thanks to its reward system. What many people may not realize when they sign up for the card, though, is that it's not technically possible to do a to other companies' rewards systems. Instead, miles can be redeemed for almost any travel cost, which actually gives you a lot more flexibility with how your Barclaycard can help you get the vacation of your dreams.

The inability to transfer Barclaycard miles is just one example of the confusion that can result from credit card and travel rewards programs. You may sign up for a program thinking that you can do a particular thing with it, only to discover that what you had in mind isn't possible. Or you might learn that there are actually better ways to maximize your benefits.

Luckily, now you have a resource on your side when you're trying to navigate your credit card and travel points rewards or even sell your airline miles. That resource is DoNotPay.

Earning Barclaycard Card Miles

There are a number of ways to earn miles on your from Lufthansa.

  • Earn Up to 75,000 Award Miles

You can earn 50,000 award miles if you spend $3,000 in purchases and pay the annual fee, both within the first 90 days. In addition, you can earn 25,000 award miles if you spend $20,000 in purchases in the first year.

  • Earn 2 Award Miles per $1 Spent on Partner Airlines

You will earn two award miles per $1 spent on ticket purchases directly from Miles & More integrated airline partners, which are listed here.

  • Earn 1 Award Mile per $1 Spent Elsewhere

All other purchases made with your Barclaycard will earn you 1 award mile per $1 spent.

How to Redeem Barclaycard Miles Yourself

As said above, you can't exactly transfer Barclaycard miles to other programs, but that doesn't mean that they're useless. Far from it. You can redeem Barclaycard miles for almost any travel cost, with no blackout dates.

In order to redeem your Barclaycard miles for travel costs, simply do the following:

  1. Book your purchase as normal using your Barclaycard card.
  2. Then, when the purchase appears on your account, you can erase it using your Barclaycard miles.
  3. Make sure to do so within 120 days of your purchase.

Barclaycard miles can be used for travel costs of pretty much any type, including lodging, transportation, and rideshares. You can also redeem Barclaycard miles for other types of rewards, such as gift cards or cash. Here is the value of Barclaycard when used for other types of rewards:

Redemption OptionDollar Worth of Redemption OptionMiles NeededMile Valuation
Travel Statement Credit$200.0018,00018,000
Cash Back$12.502,5000.50 cents
Gift Cards$25.005,0000.50 cents

Obviously, the route of redeeming for cash back or gift cards would get you less bang for your buck.

This is what makes things so confusing with many rewards programs, in fact. How do you know if you're using your miles or points to your best advantage? Should you be trying to sell your points, transfer them elsewhere, redeem them for cash, or something else? The possibilities seem endless.

Redeem Barclaycard Miles With DoNotPay

If you're feeling confused about how best to take advantage of your Barclaycard miles or any other type of reward program, DoNotPay can help. DoNotPay is a fast and easy resource to help you navigate your options when it comes to redeeming or selling miles or points.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Search "points" or "rewards" on DoNotPay, and select the rewards program you're a part of / the type of points you have.

  2. Choose whether you want to check your points balance, transfer your points, or sell them for cash.

  3. If you selected one of the first two options, DoNotPay can check your points balance or transfer your points for you. Otherwise, we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors.

For example, if you are a Marriott Rewards member, you can transfer your points to airline miles or find discounted hotel rates to redeem the best value. If you want to sell your points or airline miles we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors. Lastly, we can also help you check your latest points balance automatically!

Why Use DoNotPay for Your Barclaycard Miles

DoNotPay makes things quick and simple when you're trying to redeem your Barclaycard miles. If you're under a deadline for expiring miles, for example, DoNotPay can expedite the process of deciding what to do with them. DoNotPay is:

  • Fast. With the click of just a few buttons, you're on your way to getting the best deal with your Barclaycard miles.
  • Easy. Our platform is easy to navigate and simple to understand.
  • Successful. DoNotPay knows how to get you the greatest rewards for your Barclaycard miles.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies With the Click of a Button

Barclaycard isn't the only rewards program whose benefits DoNotPay can help you maximize. There's a whole world of credit cards and travel rewards programs out there that DoNotPay will help you get the most benefits from. Take a look at just a few examples:

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Give DoNotPay a try to see all the ways it can help you save money and navigate the bureaucracy in your life.

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