Everything You Should Know About Anamosa State Penitentiary

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How to Connect With an Inmate of Anamosa State Penitentiary

is a high-security prison located in Anamosa, IA. In 1978, the penitentiary was first opened with 65 inmates. But after the renovation in January 2000, the capacity increased to 1100 inmates. It is a part of the Iowa Department of Corrections. The inmates receive education and rehabilitation programs. This is done to improve their skills and enhance the quality of their life. Some other programs include volunteer fire department jobs and religious programs.

The current population of Anamosa, Iowa prison is around 950 inmates. If you're looking to connect with an inmate, there are a tonne of things to consider. To take off the burden from your shoulders, DoNotPay has come. It is a platform that will help you to locate any inmate. You can even connect with an inmate with a letter or call. Let's learn more about how to connect with an inmate of Anamosa, Iowa prison.

Anamosa Iowa Prison Contact Information

The prison is located in the Jones County community of Anamosa, Iowa. You can find it approx 25 miles or 40 km northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kris Karberg is the warden of the .

General Information

Official NameAnamosa State Penitentiary
CountyJones county
DOCIowa Department of Corrections
Security LevelMedium and Maximum

How to Connect With an Inmate of Anamosa State Penitentiary?

In this section, we are going to explain how to connect with an inmate. Be sure you pay keen attention to the section. Here we've included every mode - call, email, fax, and in person. Let's scroll.

Via Email

You can send an email to the inmate of Anamosa, Iowa prison. But there are certain rules and regulations related to it. If you don't follow the right procedure, the email will be sent back. Before mailing a package or a letter, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules. Here is the address that you need to put in your email.

  • Inmate name & register number
  • Anamosa State Penitentiary
  • 406 North High Street Box 10

Anamosa IA, 52205

Via Phone Call

Anamosa Iowa prison allows the inmates to connect with their loved ones via phone call. However, the phone call is allowed for just 15 minutes. To maintain the security and rules, the calls made are monitored. Here are the four ways to connect with an inmate via phone call.

  1. Calling Cards
  2. Collect Calls
  3. Dedicated Phone Line
  4. Prison Calling Plan

Phone number - 319-462-3504

Fax Number

There is no fax number for the Anamosa, Iowa prison. Meaning, the inmates don't have access to any fax number. So to connect with an inmate, you can't fax them.

In-Person Visit

If you want to opt for the in-person method, you must know the right hours. There are specific days of the weeks in which inmates are allowed to meet. Before you travel to meet someone, it's important to know everything. Always call the facility to ensure that you know the rules and regulations. Also, you need to sign in and check in upon visit. Some of the things you need to do before visiting.

  • Carry identity proof like Driver's License and Social Security Card.
  • Check the visitation rules (as they are updated quite often)
  • Know the dress code before visiting
  • Other things you can carry with you

Connecting with an inmate of Anamosa, Iowa prison, isn't easy. If you miss any of the single details while emailing, your mail will be rejected. And if you violate rules while visiting, you won't be allowed to meet. Then what's the best way to connect with an inmate of Anamosa, Iowa prison? Without any doubt, it's DoNotPay. A platform that will allow you to connect with an inmate. You can easily write personalized letters and send them to your loved ones. And that too with our "connect with inmate services".

How to Connect With an Inmate of Anamosa State Penitentiary Using DoNotPay?

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