How to Request an Amazon Chargeback

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How to Get an Amazon Chargeback Fast And Easy?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company started out as a bookseller, only to expand into selling a wide range of consumer goods and digital media.

It also offers comprehensive cloud services, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Some of the largest subsidiaries of Amazon are Audible, Whole Foods Market, AbeBooks, and more.

How to Get an Amazon Chargeback With DoNotPay?

Requesting an Amazon chargeback with DoNotPay is easier than doing it on your own. You can do this by logging on DoNotPay in your , and you’ll be just a couple of clicks away from getting an Amazon chargeback. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Find File a Chargeback and click on Get Protected
  2. Provide your bank details and information about the merchant
  3. Fill in the necessary information
  4. Click on Sign and Send

Once you’ve done this, DoNotPay will send a fax to your bank, requesting a cashback. You will also get a letter with all the VISA and MasterCard policies that will be useful for building your case.

How to Get an Amazon Chargeback on Your Own?

Can You Request a Chargeback Via

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To start a chargeback process, the first thing you have to do is contact your credit card issuer and file a dispute. Secondly, you have to point out the transaction you’re disputing and your reasons for disputing it.

After you’ve contacted your credit card issuer, the information is sent to Amazon’s card processor. The merchant has two options, to pay out and refund the transaction or dispute your chargeback. If the merchant on Amazon chooses to dispute the chargeback, evidence of the transaction that proves its legitimacy must be provided. The merchant has a limited time-frame of 11 days for a response, and if he/she does not respond, you win the case, and you get your Amazon chargeback.

You are not able to issue a request for an Amazon chargeback if you’ve already filed a complaint with the company. The complaint will be canceled if you apply for a chargeback with your bank.

As you can notice, applying for an Amazon chargeback on your own can prove to be quite tiring and time-consuming. There is a great number of details you need to pay attention to, and that is why DoNotPay is a great way to make this process much easier.

Apply for a Chargeback on Amazon Online

Getting an Amazon chargeback on your bank’s website is also an option. You will have to login and request a chargeback on your own. Some banks have the Dispute button next to your purchase list.

Apply for an Amazon Chargeback by Phone

You can request an Amazon chargeback by phone as well. Take your credit card and call the number on the back. Talk to your bank’s customer service and inform them that you want to request an Amazon chargeback, and they will walk you through the process.

Amazon Chargeback Policy

Once you’ve filed a chargeback request with your bank, and the bank contacts Amazon, the company emails the merchant, letting them know that a buyer has filed a chargeback.

The Payment Protection Policy of the Amazon Payments Customer Agreement states that a merchant will not be held liable for chargebacks if the merchant and the transaction meet all the requirements of the policy. This policy states that a merchant is not required to issue a chargeback if:

  • The merchant has a Business or Seller Account
  • The transaction is for a sale of physical goods
  • The chargeback is labeled as Unauthorized Payment
  • The merchant provides the necessary information within the time limit
  • The merchant’s Amazon Pay account does not violate the terms of agreement and policies

Merchants have 11 days to respond to the chargeback request. If this is not met, Amazon will not dispute the chargeback, and the merchant’s account will be billed for the chargeback amount.

The merchant has two options; to dispute or accept the chargeback. If the vendor agrees with the chargeback, the chargeback amount is billed from the vendor’s account.

Amazon’s Payment Protection Policy does not include transactions for intangible goods, service or digital content, and gift cards. Your ability to dispute will depend on your bank’s policy and the type of dispute.

Types of Amazon Chargebacks

A variety of operational malfunctions or non-compliance issues such as packaging or technical errors are subject to chargebacks. There are five types of Amazon chargeback issues:

  • Purchase order (PO) — these are the most common of Amazon chargebacks and include failure to confirm POs in time, shipping extra units, or failure to meet the shipping window guidelines
  • Receiving — these issues refer to received shipments that arrive at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers
  • Packaging — these issues yield assured chargebacks if the packages are not properly bagged
  • Advanced Ship Notice — A correctly created and sent Advanced Ship Notice form is crucial, and errors in the forms will result in a chargeback
  • Transportation — this kind of chargeback occurs if there’s been a problem with the transportation route, and if the package has not arrived on time

How Long Does an Amazon Chargeback Take?

Amazon chargebacks usually take up to 90 days from the date you’ve disputed the charge. It all depends on your credit card issuer, some simply need more time than others.

The table below shows the filing window that you have available and the time limit for merchants to respond.

Credit card company

Chargeback filing window for cardholders

Response time limit for Amazon merchants


75–120 days after the transaction is processed11 days
MasterCard45–120 days


American Express

No time limit11 days
DiscoverNo strict time limit, but 120 days is recommended

11 days

Amazon merchants have 11 days to respond to the chargeback. If they fail to do so within the time-frame, you will win the chargeback claim and get your money back. It is important to remember that each chargeback is unique, and you have to make sure you qualify for it.

If an item is different from the one the merchant described, the merchant should be willing to offer a refund or exchange of the item within 30 days of making the payment.

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