How To Get an ACC Refund in a Few Clicks

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How To Demand an ACC Refund

Austin Community College District (ACC) is a community college based in Austin, Texas. As their website states—it’s for everyone. There are various options when it comes to studying at ACC, such as Dual Credit Programs, ACC Online, and Continuing Education.

If you don’t know how to get a refund from ACC, be it the drop class refund, parking permit, or First-day book fee refund, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the solutions to any of these issues and deal with them quickly.

Request an ACC Refund With DoNotPay

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  6. Submit the request

As soon as you have completed this, you can relax and let DoNotPay take care of your ACC refund. We contact your bank and send them a dispute letter, and give them all the required info. DoNotPay can contact ACC directly and send them a refund request as well.

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ACC Refund Policy

ACC’s refund policy complies with the Texas Education code when it comes to tuition and fees refunds. When you drop a class, you are eligible for a refund.

Getting a refund for a dropped class depends on when it happened in the registration period. The refund options are 25%, 70%, and 100%, based on your specific situation. Check for more information on dropped classes in the Fall, Spring, or the Summer semester in this calendar.

ACC checks on dropped classes twice a week until the tuition deadline during the registration period. If you want a refund, make sure to withdraw from a class before the deadline passes. All up-to-date information on important dates and deadlines can be found on this webpage.

Take a look at how much you will be refunded based on when you withdraw from a course.

Fall and Spring semesters:

Time of Class Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

Before the first class day

During the first 15 class days


Between the 16th and 20th class day

After the 20th class day


Summer sessions:

Time of Class Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

Before the first class day

During the first five class days


Between the 6th and 7th class day

After the 7th class day


ACC Drop Class Refund

To be eligible for a refund, first, you need to officially drop a class. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your ACC account
  2. Click on Withdraw From Classes under Registration & Payments
  3. Select Student Withdraw/Drop
  4. Choose the term in question from the dropdown menu
  5. Tap on Submit
  6. Verify that you chose the correct class and term
  7. Choose your reason for dropping the class
  8. Click on Submit

To make sure you get a refund follow these steps:

  1. Check the class info and deadlines
  2. Officially drop a class
  3. Go to Refund Selection
  4. Type in your personal code from your Bank Mobile green envelope or email
  5. Select your Refund Delivery Preference

If you want to know more about Bank Mobile that delivers your refund, or if you’re not sure about your personal code, check out this Bank Mobile's page.

ACC Continuing Education

Be aware that if you are a Continuing Education student and you didn’t pay with a credit card, your refund check will be sent to your address. It should be noted that classes that are one day should be dropped before the class begins so that you receive a refund, as stated under Tuition & Course Fees. Consult their refund policy for your particular situation.

Other ACC Refunds

Besides the tuition fee refund when you drop class, you can also receive your money back for other things the Austin Community College has in store for you.

  • First Day Book Fee
  • Parking Permits

First Day Book Fee Refund

If you change your mind about getting First Day books, but you already paid for them, you need to submit your refund request on your course’s site on Blackboard. You can do so by 5 p.m., but check the important dates to see on which exact days, so you don’t miss your chance.

Parking Permit Refund

In the event that you purchased a parking permit and you want ACC to give you your money back, you can request a refund for these three reasons:

  1. Your classes were canceled
  2. You withdrew from the classes before the start day
  3. You bought the parking permit by accident

In these situations, you should submit a parking permit fee refund request form to the ACC Cashier Office on the fourth floor at Highland Business Center.

Ways To Request an ACC Refund

Here is a quick look at different ways you can get an ACC refund:

Can You Request a Refund Via









In Person

Yes, if it’s the parking permit

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When Will I Receive My ACC Refund?

Students can receive a refund for the Fall or Spring semester, as well as for the summer session period. When it comes to the Spring and Fall semester, you can expect your money back within six weeks from the 12th class day. You can get your refund within the same number of weeks, but from the fourth class day for a summer session.

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