How to Save on Zipper Repairs

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DoNotPay Can Help You Get the Best Price for Zipper Repairs

Not everyone can be a seamstress that knows how to repair zipper pull. Therefore, when your favorite outfit or dress develops a faulty zipper and you want repairs, those who know how to fix it feel they can make big money off you.

DoNotPay feels shouldn't be expensive. In fact, DoNotPay feels that any repair you need should be easy and affordable for you, whether it is a phone screen repair or an appliance repair.

Sadly, this is not the way that seamstresses seem to feel.

How Much will Zipper Puller Repair Cost You?

In general, if you have the luxury of having a seamstress or a tailor nearby, they will be able to repair your zipper with ease. Knowing how to repair a zipper pull is simply a part of their job. It is a simple process that does not take much time.

However, to simply repair zipper pulls you could be charged anywhere from a few dollars to nearly $100.00. A lot of it will depend on the type of fabric the zipper is in and the type of garment you want to be repaired.

At a minimum for zipper repairs, you can expect to pay around:

  • $25 for Jackets
  • $15 for Pants and Skirts
  • $20 for Dress or Invisible Zippers

These prices do not cover the cost of the zipper replacement. You will have to pay for that separately. The cost of the zipper will vary based on its purpose of it. For instance:

Wedding Gown ZippersPrices Range from $0.32 for Nylon Coil to $5.99 for Invisible Nylon
Casual Dress ZippersPrices Range from $0.32 to $5.99.
Jeans/Pants ZippersPrices Range from $0.69 Closed End to $0.75 Closed End Metal.
Skirt ZippersPrices Range from $0.32 for Nylon Visible Zippers to $5.99 for Invisible Nylon
Jacket ZippersPrices Range from $1.69 for Brass Zippers to $11.89 for Antique Brass Two-Way Zippers
Coverall ZippersPrices Start at $2.89 but May Go Up to $11.89.
Purse ZippersPrices Range from $0.32 for Basic Zippers to $6.49 with Rhinestones.
Sleeping Bag ZippersPrices Start at $11.99 and Go Up to $21.59.

The price range of zippers and repairs makes it difficult to predict what your total cost will end up being. Therefore, you must choose the person you hire for jacket zipper repair carefully or learn how to repair a zipper on your own.

How to Repair Broken Zippers on Your Own

Discovering how to repair a broken zipper will depend greatly on the type of issue that the zipper is having. The good news is that not all issues require you to replace them. For example, if your zipper is difficult to zip, you may be able to fix it with candle wax or petroleum jelly if you do not clog the teeth further.

Other repairs may take a little more effort. Some common zipper fixes include:

Missing Zipper Teeth

If the teeth on the bottom of the zipper are missing, you will want to remove the bottom stop using pliers, then remove the tack at the base of the zipper. Using a seam ripper, you will want to remove the tack before adding a larger zipper stop. Use your pliers to secure it and sew the zipper back into place.

Missing Zipper Pull

To learn how to repair zipper pull is easy enough. You can create a temporary pull by using a paperclip or a key ring. If you want a more permanent solution, you will have to buy a new pull and use pliers to put it together.

Stuck Zippers

If your zipper is stuck, some say that laundry detergent can help it break loose. Simply allow the detergent to run over the teeth using a cotton ball. Repeat until the zipper moves freely and again if it sticks later.

There isn't always an easy solution for how to repair a zipper on a jacket. Therefore, a zipper that is broken beyond repair may require replacement. This will require you to:

  1. Use a Seam Ripper to Remove the Broken Zipper
  2. Measure the Broken Zipper to Find the Size You Need Before You Buy a New One
  3. Put a New Zipper in Its Place Securing It with a Zipper Tool.
  4. Stitching the Zipper in Once You Feel Confident That It Is Properly Placed

For a novice to tackle a zipper, it is possible you will not have the right tools for the job of learning how to repair the zipper on a jacket. This means that you could end up spending more and dealing with more of a headache than you would if you were to hire someone to do it for you.

If this is the situation you have found yourself in, you should know that DoNotPay can help you. We can help you by finding a tailor or a seamstress that will do you, and your zippers, justice.

DoNotPay Makes Zipper Jacket Repair Easier

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