A Guide to Resolving a WSU Parking Ticket

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Dispute a WSU Parking Ticket With AI

Washington State University’s (WSU) Transportation Services is responsible for managing and facilitating transportation systems on the Pullman campus. The department does not have funding and the revenue for its operations come from parking fees and fines. In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding a WSU parking ticket and what you can do to resolve a citation.

Schedule of Parking Fines in WSU

The schedule for parking fines and fees needs to be approved beforehand by the president and the board of regents. This is also true for price and fee increases. The WSU’s schedule of parking fines are as follows:

Violation DescriptionAmount
Overtime/Non-payment at Meter$10.00
No Parking Permit$25.00
No Parking Permit for this Area$20.00
No Parking Zone$20.00
Improper Parking$20.00
Blocking Traffic$25.00
Unauthorized Parking in Disability Space

($50 to WSU;

$100 to Washington State Accessible Communities;

$100 to Washington State Multimodal Transportation)

Parking in a Fire Zone/Hydrant$50.00
Unauthorized Parking in Reserved Area$40.00
Wheel Lock Fee$50.00
Administrative/Late Fee$10.00

How to Avoid a WSU Parking Ticket?

The parking rules in Washington State University are in accordance with Washington state legislature. The Parking and Transportation Services oversees the parking system on campus. Here are some of the tips to remember to avoid a WSU citation:

  • Register for a valid WSU Spokane parking permit with accurate vehicle information.
  • Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If you are having trouble finding a parking spot, the Parking and Transportation Services can help if they are contacted.
  • Lots have signs at the entrance that indicate restrictions.
  • Pay attention to signs and park in marked spaces only.
  • Call the Parking and Transportation Services if your vehicle breaks down or if you plan to leave the vehicle overnight.

Appealing a WSU Parking Citation

If you get cited for parking violations, paying is not the only course of action available to you. You can also appeal it. Here below are three steps to the dispute process:

  1. You have ten days from the date of the ticket issue to file the first appeal online.
  2. After that, if you would like to file a second appeal, you have ten days from the receipt of the first appeal decision. To submit a second appeal, notify the WSU Transportation Services and appear in person in front of the Appeals Committee.
  3. If you are still dissatisfied with the secondary appeal results, you have ten days from the receipt of the re-appeal decision to schedule a hearing at the Whitman County District Court.

What Happens if I Ignore a Parking Ticket?

There’s plenty of reasons why you could be issued a citation. But one thing remains true in any ticket: that you broke a rule you were not aware of. Or you just can’t estimate the accurate time you will spend on a task and you failed to come back in time. Either way, you’re now stuck with an inconvenience. And it’s not something you should easily ignore. Here are different scenarios on what could happen if you ignore a citation at WSU:

  • When you have more than three or more unpaid tickets, your car could be placed on the wheel lock eligibility list. You will be liable to an assessment fee if your vehicle was immobilized.
  • Missing a deadline means additional late penalty fees on top of the cost of the parking ticket. These fees also accrue over time and could easily get out of control.
  • You can hide from the university’s Transportation Services but you can’t hide forever. They will have your license plate number on file. If they search and discover multiple unpaid tickets, your car could get booted even if it was parked legally.
  • The state can also seize your car and put it up for auction to come up with the amount owed in outstanding fees.
  • The city can also hand over your case to debt collectors, which will inundate you with endless phone calls and messages.
  • If your case is handed over to a debt collection agency, it might end up on your credit score and adversely affect your ability to apply for a credit card or loan.
  • The campus could get in touch with DMV and have your registration suspended or a block placed on your renewal until you have settled all outstanding fees.

Contest Parking Tickets in WSU in Less Than 120 Seconds

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