Save Money on Windshield Scratch Repair Services

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Save Money on Windshield Scratch Repair Services

Whether caused by low-hanging tree branches or worn wiper blades, windshield scratches are far more than an aesthetic issue. Even when they're relatively minor, these damages can compromise your visibility. They can also create deep grooves in your auto glass that collect rain, snow, sleet, and other moisture. The good news is that there are multiple options in .

You can have an excessively scratched window replaced, or you can pay for a quick, low-cost fix. You can even invest in an easy-to-use windshield scratch repair kit. Best of all, DoNotPay can help you find the best repair method for your budget, your vehicle, and your circumstances. You can even use DoNotPay to find the most affordable and trustworthy service providers in your area.

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How Much Do Windshield Scratch Repairs Cost?

Car services are the best choice for budget-conscious consumers with mild to moderate windshield damage. If you have a single, minor scratch on your auto glass, you can have this professionally repaired for just $60 to $100. However, if you have a scratch on your windshield measuring six inches or longer, you may wind up paying between $125 and $150 for repairs.

Depending upon the type of vehicle that you own, replacing a badly scratched windshield can cost between $200 and $600. If you're low on cash, have recently replaced your windshield, or simply want to save as much as you can when resolving this issue, hiring scratch repair services is likely your best bet.

ConditionPrice Range
Single, minor scratch$60 to $100
Scratch that’s more than 6 inches$125 and $150
Badly scratched/multiple scratches$200 and $600

How to Know if Windshield Scratch Repair Services are the Best Choice

The best way to know which type of service is best for resolving your windshield problem is by determining the exact type and level of damage that your window has sustained. Impact forces and contact with abrasive materials usually cause either chips, scratches, or cracks. Scratches and cracks travel lengthwise across the windshield, and chips are usually circular and have more depth. Scratches tend to be shallow, whereas cracks affect the integrity of the glass beyond its first layer.

There are multiple benefits in dealing with windshield scratches early on and with the right repair choice. For instance, you can:

  • Prevent a minor blemish from turning into the damage that requires replacement
  • Ensure consistently good visibility
  • Avoid getting a "Fix-It" ticket
  • Maintain the look and overall integrity of your auto

Windshields are constantly subjected to strong wind forces whenever autos are in motion. The longer that a scratch, crack, rock chip or other blemish is left unchecked, the more likely the problem is to spread. Taking care of a single scratch now can prevent this issue from turning into one that affects the entire pane.

There are several easy ways to determine whether windshield damages warrant a repair or a full-on window replacement. You should always choose to replace a damaged windshield rather than repair it if:

  1. Your windshield is made from tempered glass
  2. The scratch or crack is deep
  3. The scratch is white at the edges
  4. There's pitting
  5. The scratch or crack is longer than the length of your hand

For rock chips, replacing the windshield is always the best choice if the diameter of the chip is larger than a quarter.

Is Using a Windshield Scratch Repair Kit a Good Idea?

While repairing damaged auto glass is often significantly cheaper than replacing it, purchasing a low-cost auto glass repair kit is less expensive still. However, before buying and using these products, it's important to note that doing so may result in:

  • Spiderweb cracks if the repair is unsuccessful and the glass is subjected to any significant changes in temperature
  • Your auto manufacturer voiding your warranty
  • The need for a full-on windshield replacement if your DIY repair job is unsuccessful

It's additionally important to note that most scratches, chips, and cracks near windshield wipers cannot be repaired with kits or by professional service providers. If damage exists in these areas, you'll likely need to have the entire windshield replaced.

How to Find the Best Provider for Windshield Scratch Repairs

Although cost is often a key concern when searching for windshield scratch repair services, it should never be your sole point of consideration. This is especially true if you have an existing auto warranty to protect. Some auto warranties require that all parts repairs and replacements be performed by authorized dealers. Thus, before you start shopping for a company to work with, take some time to carefully read through the terms and conditions of any relevant warranties or service agreements. This way, you can avoid having these important contracts become void.

Whenever you hire any company to work on your car, make sure that they're licensed and insured. You should also check online rating and review platforms to verify that window repair companies have stellar reputations. A good service provider will have:

  1. Adequate training and equipment for accurately determining the severity of your windshield damage
  2. Straightforward and transparent pricing
  3. The ability to schedule your repair service in a timely fashion

Many of the best companies also offer mobile repair services. With these, there's no need to drive your auto into the shop. Instead, your provider will dispatch a fully equipped repair team to the location of your choosing. This is the most convenient service option if you have a busy schedule and want your repairs done right away.

Tips for Avoiding Excessive Windshield Scratch Repair Fees

Companies that overcharge for services like these often get away with their excessive costs by providing only general estimates. In fact, some may never provide written estimates at all. To ensure that you're not getting charged more than the work is actually worth, consider having your vehicle's windshield examined by two or more companies that offer free estimates. You should also demand an itemized breakdown of all repair costs before the work is even started. Make sure that you have a written copy of your estimate on hand as well, before handing your car over and letting the work begin.

What are Some of the Most Common Hidden Fees for Windshield Scratch Repair Services?

If you work with any mobile repair service, you may be charged a truck stocking fee. This is a common hidden fee among mobile repair companies that have to haul around special equipment. However, given that mobile windshield repair companies always work out of their trucks, you shouldn't have to pay extra money for these entities to equip their own workspaces. There are also a number of auto repair companies that are known for charging for unnecessary repairs. Thus, if you attempt to hire a windshield scratch repair service and are told that you need more work than is actually required, you should definitely keep looking for a more trustworthy provider.

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