How to Get the Best Price Quote on Your Vitamix Repair

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How to Get the Best Price Quote on Your Vitamix Repair

Vitamix is known for making high-powered blenders that last for years. Less than two percent of their current under-warranty products have been returned for service—so needing is fairly rare. Still, a breakdown can happen, and when it does, you need to figure out how to get it fixed for the lowest possible price.

If your product is under warranty, Vitamix will repair it at no cost to you—the company even covers the shipping and handling! Any unauthorized attempts to fix the machine will void the warranty, so you should always contact the company directly for Vitamix repairs. However, if it's out of warranty, you'll have to send it back to Vitamix and they'll determine the repair costs after they've taken a look at the machine.

If your product is out of warranty, you may still want to contact Vitamix first, or you could see if any local appliance repair companies could fix it for you. You'll need to do some research to determine how much you might save by trying to get it fixed locally versus sending it back to the company for repair. That's where DoNotPay can help.

How Much Does Vitamix Charge for Blender Repairs?

Vitamix offers a five-year warranty, a seven-year warranty, or a 10-year warranty on its products. If you need while it's still under warranty, the company will fix it for free and pay for shipping both ways.

Call 800-848-2649 to find out if your product is still under warranty and get instructions on how to send the machine back to the company. If your blender is out of warranty, the cost will vary depending upon your blender model and what's wrong with it.

Here are some approximate costs for replacement parts, which don't include labor:

Replacement PartsCost
Blade Assembly$50-70
Motor Assembly$150-200

How to Get a Blender Repair from Vitamix

The company makes it easy to get the help you need through their customer service support:

  1. Call 800-848-2649 or send an email and be ready to tell the rep your serial number and what's wrong with the product.
  2. If your blender is under warranty, they'll send you a shipping label.
  3. You can expect repairs to take two or three business days, plus the time it takes to ship both ways.

If your product is not under warranty, the customer service rep will be able to tell you what your options are.

Is There a Cheaper Way to Get Vitamix Repairs?

Vitamix is well-known for exceptional customer service and an outstanding warranty, so if your blender is under warranty, the company itself is the best place to get repairs. Remember, an unauthorized repair attempt will void your warranty.

If your blender is out of warranty, you might not want to risk sending it back to the company and waiting for a quote, because you'll have to pay for shipping—and the quote may be higher than you want to pay to fix a blender. Talk to the customer service rep first, because if a machine is older than 20 years, they may not be able to repair it, anyway, depending upon the availability of parts.

In some cases, you may be able to fix an out-of-warranty blender by purchasing the replacement parts yourself and having a local appliance repair person do your Vitamix repairs. The advantage of third-party repairs is that a local repair person can probably do the work more quickly, and often at a lower cost. The disadvantage is that an unauthorized repair person may make mistakes in the repair process, or they may not have access to the required parts.

Is It Better to Just Buy a New Blender?

If your product is under warranty, Vitamix will repair or even replace your broken blender, as required. Once you're out of warranty, you should weigh the cost of repairs to the cost of a new blender.

Vitamix blenders range from $250-600, which could be quite a bit more expensive than a repair—but then you're getting a new warranty and a new machine that's built to last for years. Over time, it may be a worthwhile investment.

How to Avoid Excessive Repair Fees

When you're looking for a Vitamix repair for an out-of-warranty blender, it's important to get multiple quotes from different repair shops to ensure you're getting the best price. Some technicians will mark-up the cost of replacement parts, or make an unnecessary repair or part replacement and charge you for that, too.

When you shop around, you'll be able to notice any inconsistencies in pricing that may indicate you're being taken advantage of. This process takes time.

Save yourself the hassle by using DoNotPay to find competitive local repair rates. This gives you a better idea of what's reasonable for your repair as well as negotiating power when you talk to your chosen repair company.

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