Dispute a Valley Stream Parking Ticket Fast! [New York]

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Dispute a Valley Stream Parking Ticket Hassle-Free

In the village of Valley Stream, New York, there are two common ways you can avoid parking tickets - abstain from overnight street parking and from parking at a spot for over 4 hours at a stretch. But there are quite some ways you could still get a citation when it was not your fault.

Nowadays infractions are fast becoming one less thing to worry about, and with a super-intuitive service like , it’s simpler and quicker to dispute and win your appeal!

Common Valley Stream Parking Violations to Avoid

It is always handy to know the laws since ignorance is inexcusable. Here are the common violations for which people get booked in Valley Stream.

  • Commercial zone parking

If you park in areas where commercial activities take place like an entrance to stores and private facilities, or bus stops for pick-up and drop-offs, you are eligible for a ticket.

  • Parking against traffic

Parking in the opposite direction facing traffic is also a grave offense in some cities and could lead to stiffer penalties.

  • Parking 18 inches away from the curb

Parking on a designated bicycle lane is also prohibited and a just cause for a ticket.

  • Expired meter time

It is always advised to exit the parking lot a few minutes before the expiration of your allotted parking time to avoid a ticket.

  • Parking too close to a fire hydrant

A standard space of at least 25 inches must exist between you and a fire hydrant following street safety laws. This is the required procedure in most states across the US.

  • Obstruction of street cleaners

If your parking (mostly during the nights) tends to obstruct street cleaners and sweepers, you can get booked. Valley Streams local laws prohibit overnight parking within the hours of 3:00 am to 5:00 am,

  • Double Parking

Parking directly on the opposite side of a narrow road where another car is parked is also a violation of the village laws punishable by a ticket.

Red Zone and Yellow Box Parking

Areas designated as red zones and yellow boxes are strictly forbidden from parking. Penalties can range from fines to outright towing of the vehicle.

Other Serious Parking Offenses

  • Ignoring park signs while parking
  • Parking on crosswalks, driveways, and road intersections
  • Parking without a parking permit
  • Parking in a handicapped zone

Valley Stream Parking Permits

Valley Stream offers a way to get parking permits for residents and non-residents. The table below shows the ways you can apply for different types of permits depending on who you are:

Parking PermitCostSubmission Details
ResidentsDownload the permit application here$40 (1 yr)Mail Application to:

Inc. Village of Valley Stream 123 S. Central Ave Valley Stream, NY 11580 Attn: Clerk's Office


Drop off at city hall’s dropbox

Non-residentsDownload the permit application here$500 (1 yr)Mail application to: Inc. Village of Valley Stream 123 S. Central Ave Valley Stream, NY 11580

The village allows you to call them at 516-592-5105 or 516-592-5106 if you have questions.

How to Pay a Valley Stream Parking Fine

If you think the odds are not in your favor, and you want to pay the fine, here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Select what violations you seek to pay for
  • Enter your ticket ID and your vehicle license plate number
  • Pay through any of the available options (cash, check, credit card transfer, or money order)

You should do this within 30 days to avoid the accumulation of interest. Failure to contest or clear your fine within one year will lead to a judgment automatically entered against you, and accompany a slew of punishments like:

  • Getting your license suspended
  • Getting your car registration blocked
  • Having your debt sent to collections

Are Disputing Tickets Worth My Time?

DoNotPay’s AI Consumer Champion holds a record for over 160,000 recorded successes against parking tickets, making it the only trusted instant option to win your case and clear your name.

Here are some of DoNotPay’s most common defenses against customer citations. You can completely overturn a citation if you can prove:

  1. Your vehicle or license plate was stolen before getting booked
  2. The car is no longer yours as you have sold or gifted it out
  3. You had to park your car to attend to an emergency as a matter of urgency
  4. You got the same ticket within three hours
  5. You spotted important errors on your ticket
  6. The officer spotted you in the driver’s seat and still went ahead to strap a ticket on your windshield
  7. There are no legible signs around that warn you about the offense that you have been booked for
  8. You had a car breakdown before getting the ticket

How Can I Dispute A Ticket In Two Minutes With DoNotPay?

Your quest to dispute traffic-related infractions starts with , and here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to and go to the Traffic Disputes section
  2. Answer a few questions about your appeal and upload photo evidence
  3. Tell us which state you received the ticket in
  4. Choose to have DoNotPay send it for you

That’s it! DoNotPay will automatically generate an appeal for you containing all the relevant state laws.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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