How to Deal with Unpaid Parking Tickets in California

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Get Help with Unpaid Parking Tickets in California

Learn how to fight parking citations received in California in this article! can help you deal with your unpaid parking tickets and set out your best course of action. AI makes disputing parking tickets, speeding tickets, or other traffic citations done in three steps! Beat bureaucracy and dispute your parking tickets at record speed.

Do I Have to Pay My California Parking Ticket?

It’s an inconvenient process to pay or appeal fines, and it can feel like an easier option to just pretend you never got a ticket!

However, penalties for unpaid parking tickets can be stricter than you’d think, and if you leave your parking tickets unpaid for too long, the amount can increase, double, or your car can be taken.

Other possible penalties for unpaid tickets include:

  • The fine being taken out of your tax return
  • Your credit score decreasing
  • Your car being booted, and having to pay for it to be removed
  • Your car being towed, and having to pay for its return
  • Your car being claimed and auctioned by the state
  • Your registration being blocked
  • Your case being sent to a collections agency

As you can see, it’s not worth the trouble to ignore your parking ticket. Instead, check out our chart below to see how you can either pay or appeal your parking ticket.

How to Pay or Appeal your Parking Ticket:

Online Payment

[2$ service fee applies]

Los Angeles website

Oakland website

San Diego website

Sacramento website

Over the Phone

[by credit card]

Los Angeles 866-561-9742

Oakland 800-500-6484

Sacramento 888-266-1314

In Person or By Mail

Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles P.O. Box 304420 Los Angeles, CA 90030-0968


City of Oakland Parking Citation Payment Processing Center P.O. Box 54916 Los Angeles, CA 90054

San Diego

Port of San Diego C/O Citation Processing Center P.O. Box 10479 Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479


City of Sacramento Revenue Services P.O. Box 2551 Sacramento, CA 95812-2551

How Much Do Tickets Cost in California?

While ticket rates vary, the average cost of a parking ticket in California is $65. However, more serious parking offenses such as illegally occupying a handicap spot can come with higher fines over $100.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Dispute a Parking Ticket?

Absolutely not. DoNotPay is designed to help you skip the time and costs of having to employ a professional to cope with everyday issues. Don’t pay more than your ticket cost to fight it: let us help you out!

Do I Have to Pay Tickets from a Rental Car?

Yes, and if you do not, they will be charged to your card on file anyways! Rental companies keep your payment information around to make sure you pay your fines, and so they can charge you and pay the fine on your behalf. This is often a worse outcome, as they can charge administrative fees as well as any services. It’s much better to be in control of your own parking fine, and pay it or appeal it as soon as possible after you receive it. If the company pays it for you upon receipt of the ticket, you will no longer be able to appeal the fine amount.

Here are the charges you may incur from an unpaid ticket from a rental car:

  • Original ticket amount
  • Any late fines incurred
  • Administrative fees from the company
  • Any charges incurred on your behalf by the company

How to Pay Rental Company Tickets

Check out how these common rental companies deal with tickets, and how you can switch your payment method to pay them. If you have already paid the ticket, make sure to provide a proof of payment to make sure you are not charged twice.

CompanyOn Your Behalf

Your card will be charged automatically.

Using a different card: You can fill out a form on the website

By Mail: Alamo Rent-a-Car Citations PO Box 4033289 Atlanta, GA 30384-3328


Your card will be charged automatically.

Using a different card: Follow this link and fill out the form.

To Pay By Phone (Credit card only): Call 1 (800) 935-0112 (US toll free)

To Pay By Mail: Enterprise Citations PO Box 4033289 Atlanta, GA 30384-3328


Your card will be charged automatically.

You will be charged for the parking fine automatically upon receipt of notification of a fine, with an added administration fee.

Appeal your California Parking Ticket in Less Than 5 Minutes

We’ve designed our product in such a way that disputing your parking tickets only takes a few steps. Save the hassle and frustration and use the app to dispute future parking tickets from different cities, companies, and states:

  1. Visit the DoNotPay and find the Parking Tickets service
  2. We’ll ask a few easy questions about your ticket. A picture of your ticket would be helpful, if you have it.
  3. A professional appeal letter applicable to California’s legislation will be composed on your behalf. We can even send it for you!

It’s really that easy, and can handle parking tickets from public and private companies, in and out of your home state. We’re revolutionizing everyday tasks to make them as easy as possible.

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